Son Ye-jin Smiles Happily In Photos Taken By Husband Hyun Bin

Son Ye-jin recently shared on her SNS account several photos with the caption “Saturday night!!! Have a good day, everyone”. Netizens speculate that the photos were taken by her husband Hyun Bin.

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Looking at the pictures, fans believe that Son Ye-jin must have had a happy weekend date with her husband. The actress wore a simple green jumpsuit and a hat, showing off her youthful beauty. 

son ye jin

In particular, the two photos revealed Son Ye-jin smiling brightly as if HyunBin had said something very funny. Son Ye-jin laughed so much that she couldn’t stand still to continue taking the photo.

son ye jin

Apart from their happy dating moments, netizens also poured compliments on Hyun Bin’s photography skills. This time he already knew how to capture the best angle to make his wife look more beautiful.

Previously, Son Ye-jin uploaded a photo taken Hyun Bin and drew laughter as she complained about her husband’s photography skills, saying “I told my husband to make me look taller but he only made the picture look bigger”.