Son Ye-jin’s Passion for Golf Shines in ‘Im Jin-han Class’

Son Ye-jin appeared on the golf lesson YouTube channel ‘Im Jin-han Class’ to share her recent updates.

In the episode released on the 12th, the anticipation was built up for Son Ye-jin‘s appearance.

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Returning after 2 years and 3 months, Son Ye-jin still showcased her charming appearance along with a powerful driver full swing. She mentioned, “Golf is not easy at all. Even if you feel like you’re doing well one day, you can play like a fool the next day,” and expressed her sincere dedication to golf, saying, “I will definitely improve.”

Son Yejin

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin, who is passionate about golf, was selected as the first official model for a golf wear brand in August. The ‘Im Jin-han Class’ episode featuring Son Ye-jin is scheduled to be released on September 20th and 27th, split into two days.