Song Da Eun Drops Major Hints About Relationship with BTS’s Jimin — Netizens React

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Rumors of a possible relationship between BTS’s Jimin and actress Song Da Eun have once again ignited a firestorm among netizens, leading to widespread speculation and backlash.

On May 16, Song Da Eun’s Instagram activity spurred a renewed wave of dating rumors, stirring the BTS fandom into a frenzy.

The speculation began when Song Da Eun shared a series of Instagram stories that fans quickly linked to BTS’s Jimin. One video showed someone walking, obscured by a flower emoji, which netizens noted was similar to a photo of Jimin shared by V on Weverse in 2021.

Further fueling the speculation, Song Da Eun wore a shirt emblazoned with “MIC DROP,” a clear nod to BTS’s hit song. She also posted a video featuring a yellow ball or balloon, reminiscent of a prop Jimin has been associated with in the past.

The most controversial post was a video showing Song Da Eun’s dog playing in an apartment. Fans pointed out that the apartment’s interior bore a striking resemblance to Jimin’s home, as seen in a past BTS documentary.

A post shared by instagram

The clincher for many was a now-deleted photo that seemingly displayed a pair of cases labeled with both Song Da Eun and Jimin’s names.

The reaction from BTS fans was swift and intense. Many accused Song Da Eun of using Jimin’s fame for attention.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • “She’s clearly using him for clout”
  • “It’s obvious she wants to hint at something to get more followers.”
  • ‘You say you don’t know Jimin so why are you posting videos of him on your storys? Do you think we didn’t notice?’
  • ‘I think she must be a girl obsessed with Jimin, they published old videos and things about him to make people think that she is with him. ‘
  • ‘I love Jimin and support in him every way. But we all know how private he is even if u guys are dating and wants to make it official do it with proper official statement…. It looks a proper attention seeker move which u are doing. ‘
  • ‘If you are really in love, don’t upload stories like this that will bother him’
  • ‘How much did HYBE pay you?? It must be a very big money WOW!!!’ 

Despite the uproar, some fans took a more measured stance, expressing that they had no issues with Jimin dating but were frustrated by what they perceived as Song Da Eun’s attention-seeking behavior.

In 2023, Song Da Eun addressed similar rumors, denying any romantic involvement with Jimin and expressing frustration over the constant speculation. However, her recent Instagram activity has reignited the rumors, leaving many to question her intentions.