Song Geon Hee Almost Quit Acting Not Until Receiving Offer for ‘Lovely Runner’

Song Geon Hee confessed he was in a slump, but had a change of heart when he was offered to star in the now-smashing hit drama “Lovely Runner.”

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‘Lovely Runner’ Star Song Geon Hee Reveals Experiencing Burnout

Acknowledged as Best K-Drama of the Year by TIME magazine, “Lovely Runner” remains irreplaceable in the viewers’ hearts, thanks to its well-written script, good directing, well executed scenes, and being top-billed by some of the talented stars today.

Song Geon Hee
(Photo : Song Geon Hee Instagram)

Apart from Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok, Song Geon Hee stole the show with his charm and impressive portrayal. He played the role of Kim Tae Seong, the drama’s second male lead (whom Im Sol had a crush on in one timeline, dated in another, and became close friends with in another timeline) became a major fan favorite. 

Following the drama’s conclusion, the “SKY Castle” star sat for a media interview where he mentioned that he nearly stopped acting and even contemplated taking a break. 

Song Geon Hee revealed that he fell into a slump after filming “Joseon Attorney: A Morality” in 2023. Prior to this, the young actor had appeared in numerous projects, and been working since 2018.

“There was a period when I felt shattered. I think I experienced burnout and was caught up in many thoughts. So, I intended to take a break from acting for a while. I had been working tirelessly for 4-5 years and thought it was time to take a break.”

Song Geon Hee Gains Momentum in Acting Again After Meeting Kim Tae Seong

However, after he was introduced to Kim Tae Seong, his “Lovely Runner” character, the actor had a change of heart.

Lovely Runner Still
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

“Tae Seong’s calm and flexible characteristics seem to have influenced me a lot in reality.”

He further explained that when he met Kim Tae Seong, his heart changed. Song Geon Hee said that in the latter part of filming the rom-com series, he realized that he had become a relaxed person. 

“The thought of taking a hiatus faded away. Every time I portray different characters, I also grow a little as Song Geon Hee. Among them, Tae Seong provided me with an opportunity to learn a lot.”

Lovely Runner Still

Now that he is consistently receiving love and support from fans, many are anticipating to see more of him in his future works. 

Before concluding the interview, the “Lovely Runner’s” scene-stealer said that if given the chance, he wanted to continue to work hard in the future. At the same time, he wanted to spend his time well.

Song Geon Hee also remained grateful to fans and viewers.

“If there’s something I want to say to the viewers who have given me so much love, it’s that thanks to all of you who loved and supported my friend Kim Tae Seong, I gained such great momentum. I may not know who I’ll meet in future projects, but I’ll strive to repay your support by embracing those characters once again.”

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