Song Ha Yoon Tearful As She Thanks ‘Marry My Husband Fans for Making Her ‘Dream Come True’

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Song Ha Yoon can’t help but get emotional as the actress expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the “Marry My Husband” viewers.

During her appearance in “Knowing Brothers” with fellow guest and co-star Lee Gi Kwang, the duo shared their unforgettable experience filming the TVN series.

Song Ha Yoon Sought Help of Psychiatrist, Criminal Profilers in Preperation of ‘Marry My Husband’

Song Ha Yoon has been in the industry for years and has appeared in several notable K-dramas like “Touching You” and “Fight for My Way,” but the 37-year-old beauty garnered global attention after joining the cast of the webtoon-based K-drama.

Taking on the role of the villain, Jung Soo Min, viewers got hooked on her special onscreen chemistry with Park Min Young and Lee Yi Kyung.

Song Ha Yoon
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As mentioned in a report, she purposely isolated herself from her friends and even deleted photos from her social media account to disconnect from her loved ones.

Given the intensity of the character, Song Ha Yoon shared that she sought help from a psychiatrist and even criminal profilers “to figure out what people like Jung Soo Min are like; how they move their eyes, react, and breathe in certain situations.”

Showcasing her eagerness and passion to perfectly portray the character, she shared that at one point, her friends got worried about her.

“The more I tried to isolate myself, the more my friends tried to reach out to me, even more than they usually did. They were trying to protect me. Thanks to them, I was able to play the villainous character and leave without hurting myself.”

As mentioned, Song Ha Yoon played the antagonist Jung Soo Min, who betrayed her longtime best friend Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and became the mistress of Ji Won’s husband, Park In Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung).

The intense scenes and unpredictable story between Ji Won and Soo Min got viewers hooked with every episode.

Interestingly, fans also love the unique chemistry between the two.

Song Ha Yoon Cried in as She Thanks ‘Marry My Husband’ Viewers

As the episode of “Knowing Brothers” continued, Song Ha Yoon took the opportunity to thank everyone who watched “Marry My Husband” and made it one of the most watched K-dramas in the first half of 2024.

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Although her voice is trembling as she makes a speech, the actress says, “I feel like sharing this while I’m on here since the chance may never come again.”

Thanking everyone for their support of the TVN series, she continued, “For us actors, acting is our dream. My dream came true thanks to the incredible love of the viewers, and I’m feeling mighty happy about it.”

Song Ha Yoon added that she’ll “keep acting and continue to try to do my best” in her future projects.

After “Marry My Husband,” she is set to headline another webtoon-based K-drama helmed by “Chief Detective 1958.”

Song Ha Yoon will join Cho Byeong Kyu in the rom-com K-drama “History of Losers” and is also in talks for the romance series “Oh Man Sang and Prejudice.”