Song Ha Yoon’s Graduation Photos Resurface Amid Actress’ Bullying Issue

Song Ha Yoon has found herself in the middle of a controversy as the actress got involved in a bullying issue. 

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Following the success of the webtoon-based K-drama “Marry My Husband,” where she played the villain character, Jung Soo Min, the 37-year-old actress unlocked her second heyday as she garnered positive reviews for her performance. 

Unfortunately, the praise and positive comments were replaced by allegations about school violence. 

Is Song Ha Yoon Behind the Actress Accused of Bullying? 

Song Ha Yoon
Song Ha Yoon Denies School Violence Allegations, Says No Recollection of Issue
(Photo : Song ha Yoon Instagram)

In a report by JTBC on April 1, the news garnered the public’s attention after it claimed that an unnamed actress referred to as “Ms. S” used to be a school bully. 

The news comes after the outlet received a tip from an alleged victim, saying that the incident happened during her second year of high school while the accused was in her third year. 

The person claimed that “Ms. S” physically assaulted them and experienced continuous slapping for 90 minutes. 

Furthermore, the victim reportedly reached out to the actress’ agency to speak up regarding the issue but was told that they couldn’t make the verification since “Ms. S” was on an overseas work trip at the time. 

However, the company’s CEO asked the victim for a personal meeting and said she would be covering her travel expenses since she is living in the U.S. but refused the offer. 

As for the actress, speculations rose that it was Song Ha Yoon, as netizens quickly identified the blurred photos in the news report. 

Song Ha Yoon Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

Amid this, Song Ha Yoon’s agency, King Kong by Starship, released a statement addressing the issue of school violence. 

In a statement, the label said that they are reaching out to the informant to clarify the details but have not received a response. 

Song Ya Hoon’s Graduation Photos Garners Mixed Reactions

The actress rose to fame in the hit drama “Fight for My Way” with Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. 

Interestingly, she found herself in her second heyday after portraying the role of Park Min Young’s nemesis in “Marry My Husband.”

As the controversy spread like wildfire, photos of Song Ha Yoon’s graduation resurfaced. 

Song Ha Yoon
(Photo : pannchoa)

Plastic surgery speculations about the actress, whose real name is Kim Mi Seon, rose as netizens compared her old photos versus the recent ones. 

Song Ha Yoon Headlines Back-to-Back K-drama

Amid the controversy, Song Ha Yoon is set to headline two upcoming series. 

She is set to star in the webtoon-based K-drama “Oh Man Sang and Prejudice” with Ji Hyun Woo. 

Another is the rom-com K-drama “History of Losers” with Cho Byung Gyu and Ryeoun.