Song Hye Kyo Reveals the Compliment She Never Gets Tired of Hearing: ‘The Best Feeling is…’

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Song Hye Kyo talked about her personality behind the camera, and what the public doesn’t know about her.

Considered one of the most beautiful Korean actresses, the top star has captured the hearts of fans with her relentless beauty, brilliant acting, and a slew of hit K-dramas “Full House,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and, of course, the blockbuster series “The Glory,” which earned her the Best Actress trophy at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

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Interestingly, as she graced Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s June 2024 issue, the actress dished out on her thoughts about choosing her next project, getting compliments, and dealing with bad situations.

Song Hye Kyo Reveals Her Bucket List

Usually, when someone shares their bucket list, it includes their dream destination and extreme activities they want to do before reaching a certain age. However, for Song Hye Kyo, she doesn’t “have anything like this.”

According to her, she is living in the moment and cherishing the things in front of her.

“I lived my life without thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’

I think I have to be very careful about my bucket list.”

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However, she includes the well-being of her family, her fur-baby, and her career.

“First, I hope my mother is healthy. Second, I hope that I can make many good memories with Ruby for a long time. Third, I hope that my work does well.”

Song Hye Kyo on Getting Compliments

With her beauty and a long-term career, the public might think that she is used to getting praised by the people around her.

But the South Korean top star revealed the compliment that she’ll never get tired of hearing.

“As an actor, compliments on my acting are the best compliments to me, and I always want to hear them, and I’m working hard to get that.”

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Song Hye Kyo further explained that the best feeling for her is “when someone tells me I’m good at acting.”

Her winning moment in “The Glory” proved that Song Hye Kyo is not just Korean’s best face but also an actress who delivers a versatile perfomance.

Song Hye Kyo Reveals Things She Considers When Saying Yes to A Project

Choosing the next project for a top star like Song Hye Kyo is very crucial since it will make or break her return. According to her, the factor that she looks into is the team behind the drama.

She revealed that during her early years in the industry, she thought that the only factor that she had to consider was having a good and interesting script.

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“These days, no matter how interesting the script is, the people who make it are important. Since the work changes depending on what kind of people they are, I think I’m looking for the staff, director, and people who can make the character shine more.”

After “Now, We Are Breaking Up” and “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo is making her big screen return through the occult movie “Dark Nuns.” She will be working alongside Jeon Yeo Bin as they take on Sister Junia and Sister Michaela, respectively.

Watch Song Hye Kyo’s full interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea here!