Song Ji Hyo Sick? Kim Jong Kook Shows Concerns to Actress Sudden Weight Loss

Kim Jong Kook naturally showed his concerns to “Running Man” co-star Song Ji Hyo after he noticed her weight loss. 

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Kim Jong Kook Invites Song Ji Hyo on His Live Broadcast

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo

(Photo : SBS Running Man Instagram)

TV personality and singer, Kim Jong Kook made an update on his YouTube channel with a new video released on January 7. Originally, it was a live broadcast, but the edited one was uploaded to his page so the fans who missed the live could watch it. 

In the edited clip, Kim Jong Kook was seen talking to his avid subscribers about random things and teased the audience that he was going to have a surprise guest arriving soon.

Just minutes later, after he messaged his guest and asked if she could join him, he finally introduced Song Ji Hyo as his guest for that day. He even joked that she has consumed a little bit of alcohol. 

Wearing a white comfortable jacket, a bonnet, and no make-up on, Song Ji Hyo arrived and sat next to him for the broadcast. She was indeed looking red from the alcohol consumption. The “Princess Hours” star laughed and waved hello to the camera. 

Kim Jong Kook Shows Concerns to Song Ji Hyo’s Sudden Weight Loss

Song Ji Hyo

(Photo : Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram)

Once they were already settled, Kim Jong Kook thanked her for dropping by even though it was a quick notice. He even called her loyal for always being there for him.

He explained, “I mean, I don’t know what Song Ji Hyo’s like with other groups of people, but with the ‘Running Man’ members, she’s never like, ‘No.’ I have never seen anyone like this before. She’s an amazingly loyal person. She is incredible.”

Kim Jong Kook

(Photo : News 1 KOREA)

As their conversation proceeded, he noticed that Song Ji Hyo had lost weight and advised her to exercise this year. He also asked her to cut down on drinking alcohol. With a worried face, Kim Jong Kook continued, “You are way too thin. Ji Hyo has lost a great amount of weight in the past weeks guys.”

Song Ji Hyo Feels Unwell for Two Weeks

In response, the actress spoke and said, “Yeap, I was not feeling very well lately. I was unwell. I took some time off everything and took some rest for about two weeks. I just stayed in bed the whole time. I liked it. I seriously love lying down, doing nothing.”

Song Ji Hyo

(Photo : Song Ji Hyo Instagram)

However, Kim Jong Kook was not happy with what she said and told her, “Okay, I get it. But, you should exercise. You know there is equipment that you can use while lying down. There are lots of them in the gym. Use them. You need more muscles.”

Kim Jong-kook sounded as if he was truly worried about Song Ji-hyo, and the fans were happy to see their genuine friendship on and off the screen. 

Furthermore, catch Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man” every Sunday on SBS.

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