Song Joong Ki Net Worth 2024: Is He Still One of the Highest Paid K-drama Actors?

Song Joong Ki continues to impress fans with his active participation in the film industry. 

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With this K-drama comeback in 2022 in “Reborn Rich,” the actor has been starring in various movies and also appearing in different cameos in K-drama. 

With the top star’s jam-packed schedule and multiple projects in a year, how much is Song Joong Ki’s net worth? 

Song Joong Ki’s Net Worth in 2024

Other than his new role as a husband and father, viewers have seen Song Joong Ki play different characters, whether it’s a rom-com, action, or heavy drama. 

Song Joong Ki
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In addition to this, he is also well-loved by various brands. In fact, while a big chunk of Song Joong Ki’s net worth is from his acting career, he also represents a slew of brands, making him their global ambassador. 

Per the report, his net worth as of 2024 is around $25 million, which includes his CF and drama fees. 

Speaking of his appearance fee, with all the new rising stars and breakout artists, is he still one of the highest-paid K-drama actors? 

How Much is Song Joong Ki Paid Per Episode?

Song Joong Ki
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As mentioned, Song Joong Ki has appeared in several K-drama cameos lately. 

The top star surprised viewers after he was spotted joining Kim Go Eun in “Little Women” episode 2 as show salesman Park Joo Hyung. 

He has decided to join the series for a special appearance since the director of “Little Women” is Kim Hee Won of “Vincenzo.”

Not only that, Song Joong Ki is also spotted in “Queen of Tears” episode 8 as Vincenzo Cassano, the lawyer of Hing Hae In, played by Kim Ji Won. 

He reprised his role in “Vincenzo” since “Queen of Tears” and his previous K-drama were helmed by the same director. 

With all his cameos and back-to-back projects, did you know that Song Joong Ki is still one of the highest-ranking K-drama celebrities? 

As mentioned by a media outlet, the actor’s pay per episode is estimated to be around USD 228,500. 

Since the webtoon-based K-drama “Reborn Rich” has 16 episodes for the whole season run, this means that the actor earned around USD 3.65 million for the series. 

Of course, this is also different from his movie appearance and fee per social media post. 

Interestingly, Song Joong Ki surprised the public when it was reported that he refused to accept his appearance fee for the movie “Hopeless.”

Instead, he once revealed that the production behind the movie gave him a watch as a token of appreciation.