Song Joong Ki Treats Katy Saunders Like Queen for Giving Her Luxurious Life

Song Joong Ki proved his dedication and full attention as a caring husband and father by treating his wife, Katy Saunders, like a queen!

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Here’s what he did.

Song Joong Ki Proudly Exhibits Love for Katy Saunders

The Korean superstar wants nothing but the best for his family and will provide everything to make his wife and son safe.

Recently, he became a hot topic online as the public discovered his luxurious treatment for Katy Saunders.

Song Joong KI Reborn Rich

(Photo : History D and C and JTBC)

After announcing their marriage in January 2023, Song Joong Ki and Katy Saunders are enjoying a blissful life as a married couple, and welcomed their firstborn son in June.

Following the conclusion of his drama “Reborn Rich,” the actor made a short exit from showbiz to focus his attention on his family.

It has been said that the “Vincenzo” star proactively brought Katy to Italy before giving birth to ensure she could be close to her parents.

This illustrates Song Joong Ki’s thoughtfulness towards his partner.

Katy Saunders Lives Like Queen as Song Joong Ki Showers Her With Care, Luxury

Based on media outlets’ reports, Katy Saunders is living her best life after giving birth to Song Joong Ki’s son. Since they got married, the Korean star has prepared to give a prosperous and wealthy life to his expanding family.

Song Joong Ki , Katy Saunders

(Photo : Naver)

Song Joong Ki treats Katy like a queen as she spoils her luxurious life. On September 4, reports claimed that he bought a new expensive apartment in Hawaii, which cost 2.28 million USD. The apartment is located in a building reserved for the affluent in the said country, and the actor purchased it in December 2019.

The property has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The couple also owned houses in Seoul and Rome.

Song Joong Ki & Katy Louise Saunders

(Photo : Sohu Entertainment)

In addition, ever since Katy got pregnant, Song Joong Ki has provided her with the most luxurious life possible for his wife. Reports claimed that the “Descendants of the Sun” star’s wife used to shop for children’s clothing at high-end stores in South Korea that cost around 400,000 krw per item and could go up to 600,000 krw.

Katy Louise reportedly went on a shopping spree in Italy and most often, her husband escorted her to expensive shopping places. Netizens shared that the couple were often spotted at upscale shops in Rome.

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