Song Joong Ki’s Character Transformation in ‘Hopeless’ Receives Anticipation — Here’s Why

Song Joong Ki makes headlines ahead of his big screen comeback with “Hopeless.” Adding to the anticipation is the actor’s bold transformation for the film.

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Song Joong Ki as Chi Geon in ‘Hopeless’ Gives Excitement to Viewers

As Song Joong Ki is finally back in South Korea, the public is already hyped for his return. It has been said that he is preparing to promote his new film “Hopeless,” which was previously screened at the 76th Cannes Film Festival and received a standing ovation.

'Hopeless' Stills

(Photo : Cannes Film Festival)
Song Joong Ki, Hong Sa Bin

In a more recent news, the veteran actor is about to grace the screen with a bold character and acting transformation that have fans buzzing with thrill for the forthcoming noir film.

“Hopeless” tells the narrative of a young man, Yeon Gyu, who desperately wants to escape his hellish reality. One day, he finds himself entangled in a dangerous world after meeting Chi Geon, a boss in a crime syndicate.

Hopeless Still

(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)
Song Joong Ki

Following his successful projects “Vincenzo,” “Space Sweepers,” and his latest “Reborn Rich,” Song Joong Ki will consistently prove his multifaceted acting chops with his role of Chi Geon.

The character is a canny persona who’s figured out how to survive in a cruel reality and takes an interest in Yeon Gyu (Hong Xa Bin), recognizing they share similar scars.

According to a source, the “Descendants of the Sun” actor embodies the role, delivering a captivating performance with his mysterious gaze, deep-toned voice, and unquestionable darkness that sets him apart from his past characters.

Song Joong Ki to Introduce New Acting Style Through His Comeback Movie

Immersed with the script, it has been said that Song Joong Ki volunteered to appear in the film as he wanted to showcase a different acting style that he had not done before. That’s why he experimented a lot through his role as Chi Geon.

Hopeless Still

(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

The head of the production, Director Kim Chang Hoon shared that he wanted to bring out a coldness entirely different from the gentle persona of Song Joong Ki. He even praised the lead star as Song Joong Ki really gave life to Chi Geon’s character while doing the project.

Song Joong Ki’s “Hopeless” will hit the cinemas starting October 11.

Furthermore, the actor is also confirmed to make his Netflix return through “My Name is Loh Kiwan.” The said project will be released sometime in 2024 and he is expected to collaborate with rising actress Choi Sung Eun.

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