Song Joong-ki’s Cryptic Expression at Song Hye-kyo’s Baeksang 2024 Appearance Sparks Wild Speculation

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The 2024 Baeksang Awards, held on May 7, not only celebrated outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry but also brought forth an unexpected moment that has since captivated the public’s attention.

Amidst the list of winners, all eyes turned to Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki as they made a rare appearance together after their much-publicized divorce.

Shortly after the awards ceremony, a 20-second video began circulating on social media, capturing the exact moment when Song Joong-ki’s expression shifted upon seeing Song Hye-kyo on stage.

Many viewers noted the authenticity of the clip, recognizing it as an unaltered portrayal of the actor’s reaction.

As Song Hye-kyo announced the winner of the “Best Actress in a TV Drama” award, Honey Lee, all eyes turned to the audience, where Song Joong-ki sat.

Observers quickly noticed a subtle change in his demeanor, described as “stiff” and somewhat enigmatic. Despite the celebratory atmosphere on stage, Song Joong-ki appeared momentarily transfixed before eventually offering a smile to his colleague beside him.

The video of Song Joong-ki’s reaction spread like wildfire across various online platforms, prompting intense speculation about the nature of his feelings towards Song Hye-kyo.

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Many fans viewed this as a significant moment, marking the first public interaction between the former couple since their divorce.

In the aftermath of the viral video, fans and media outlets alike are left pondering the implications of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo’s apparent reunion.


Here’s what fans are saying

  • ‘I am just happy Song Hye Kyo seems to be glowing more nowadays. Self love is indeed healing. Hoping for all the beat for her and her future.’
  • ‘I wonder if SJK regretted his decision to file a divorce or what…’
  • ‘im still at the restaurant’
  • ‘Both have moved on, She wanted career, He wanted family, both are happy in their own lives’
  • ‘what if their story is like QUEEN OF TEARS but they didn’t fight for their love till the end’
  • ‘seeing hye kyo’s glow, i kinda get curious if she has one now. maybe lowkey.’
  • ‘oh my song song heart’
  • ‘she deserve everything she have now so proud for her hye kyo fightin’
  • ‘bro moved on got married and all and I bet she moved on too, can we please do tooo for the love of God’

While some speculate about a possible reconciliation, others caution against reading too much into a single moment captured on camera.

Regardless, the unexpected encounter has reignited interest in their personal lives and fueled ongoing discussions within the entertainment industry.