Song Kang Ho Speaks out on Park Sung Hoon Mimicking His Voice from Their Private Conversation 

Song Kang Ho offered advice to Park Sung Hoon, who impersonated him on “Knowing Bros”

Song Kang Ho recently mentioned Park Sung Hoon, who impersonated him on the show “Knowing Bros.”

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Last November, JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” featured the stars of the movie “The Distributors,” including Park Sung Hoon.

Park Sunghoon

In this episode, Park Sung Hoon mimicked Song Kang Ho by reenacting a conversation they had at a drinking gathering.

At the time, Park Sung Hoon recalled the situation, “I had a drink with Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun at the Busan International Film Festival.” Based on their conversation, he impersonated Song Kang Ho’s voice.

Park Sunghoon

Usually, impersonations are done through lines from movies or imitating an actor’s roles, but Park Sung Hoon mimicked Song Kang Ho’s voice from their private conversation.

According to Song Kang Ho, it was his first meeting with Park Sung Hoon, introduced by the producers. Song Kang Ho commented, “Impersonating someone from a private conversation is not something that should be done. I was slightly taken aback when he used our private conversation on a TV show.” 

song kang ho

He added, “I didn’t scold him, but I wanted to convey through the producers that Sung Hoon should know about this.” After that, Song Kang Ho received an apology from Park Sung Hoon, and he responded, “It’s okay.” 

After the interview was made public, netizens commented, “He should have stuck to mimicking his voice through movie lines. If I were the person involved, I would have been shocked.” 

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