Song Kang Overcame Stiff Acting? Intense Emotions in “My Demon” Ep 12

Despite being well-known for his visuals and various hit K-dramas, Song Kang is often criticized for his “stiff acting” skills. However, the actor has showcased remarkable eye acting in his latest project, making everyone see him in a new light.

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In particular, in episode 12 of his latest work “My Demon”, Song Kang overcame “stiff acting” by delivering intense emotions and convincing expression when his character, Gu-woo, attended a concert together with the female lead, Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung).

my demon

During this moment, Gu-won opens up about his concerns and fears to Do Do-hee.

After fully recalling the events of his past life and being warned that these tragic events might repeat, Gu-won constantly finds himself in a state of panic and fear that one day, Do Do-hee will die just like her past incarnation. 

my demon

In this scene, Song Kang expressed the character’s emotions exceptionally well through facial expressions, especially with heart-wrenching eyes that evoke empathy from the viewers. When Do Do-hee helps Gu-won overcome his worries, his face lights up with happiness and determination to protect their love until the end.

In reality, it’s not just this particular scene; throughout the entire drama, Song Kang’s performance has been consistently commendable, deserving of the praise he has received.

It seems Song Kang overcame stiff acting after a lot of practice and experience!

Source: K14