Song Kang’s Last Public Appearance Before Enlistment Garners Attention for THIS Mistake

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Song Kang definitely knows how to swoon viewers, as the actor graced Godiva Samsung Town in Gangnam. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the “My Demon” star showed off his effortless charms at the media event.

Song Kang’s Blunder Swoons Fans

Rocking an all-white suit, Song Kang greeted the media and fans with his prince-like visuals.

Song Kang
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

On top of it, he flashed his million-dollar smile and made cute gestures in front of the camera.

However, Song Kang unexpectedly made an adorable blunder in front of the media. In preparation for his military enlistment, he was asked to give his best military salute. Instead of the right hand, Song Kang made the salute gesture with the left hand.

A post shared by instagram


Song Kang
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

It seemed like the actor forgot about this basic military action because he was holding a Godiva box in his left hand. Thankfully, the actor corrected his gesture after the media pointed it out.

Meanwhile, the event marks Song Kang’s last public appearance before his enlistment.

Song Kang Enlistment

Following his back-to-back K-dramas in the second half of 2023, the actor is rumored to enlist in the military this year.

Per reports, Song Kang’s enlistment is set for the summer of 2024, and with this, he is currently gearing for the upcoming activity.

The 29-year-old actor is among celebrities who are expected to enter the military this year.

Following a slew of K-drama stars who will return to civilian life in 2024, stars like Song Kang are rumored to join military enlistment. With this, fans wished the actor good health for his upcoming activity.

In one of his agency’s posts, Namoo Actors, he recorded a video greeting for his fans. Expressing his gratitude for viewers who watched “My Demon,” where he starred alongside Kim Yoo Jung,

As the series ended, he felt “happy and thankful” for the experiences he had while filming the series.

“I am happy and thankful for the memories created during the long period of about 7 months. I will treasure the affection, support, and interest sent by the viewers and fans. I hope you will remember and love ‘My Demon’ for a long time. Thank you! “

Song Kang
(Photo : SBS Entertainment)

Concluding the series with a huge success, the SBS K-drama, which aired its finale on January 20, might be his last on-screen project. That is because he is looking forward to enlisting for mandatory military service.

Meanwhile, fans bid farewell to Song Kang as they wait for the official announcement of his enlistment.

On the other hand, fans will get to see the actor reprise his role in the much-awaited sequel to “Sweet Home.”

Taking on the role of Cha Hyun Soo, Song Kang is back along with new and returning cast members.

However, the “Sweet Home” season 3 release date is yet to be confirmed, but it is safe to say that it will air in 2024.