“Song of the Bandits” Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Moments and Character Details

Combining period drama and Western genre, Song of the Bandits promises to enthuse viewers with riveting action scenes.

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Song of the Bandits is an action-adventure series set in the tumultuous period of Japanese colonial rule over Korea about a group of people who, for various reasons, end up in the lawless land of Gando and become united in protecting Joseon for the Korean people.

Anticipation runs high for the intense drama that will unfold as different groups with their respective motives — including Japanese troops, the Korean Independence Army, hitmen, bandits, and Joseon migrants — face one another in the anarchic land of Gando during the 1920s.

Writer Han Jung-hoon and director Hwang Jun-hyuk team up again for Song of the Bandits after having delivered spectacular, exhilarating action and drama with their previous projects, including Bad Guys: Vile City and Squad 38.

Previously, the released trailer begins with intense and bold action taking place in Gando, China’s land of turbulence, with Japanese money and people from Joseon flocking to it. The bandits, who have gathered to live like human beings, fight to protect precious things by speeding through the wasteland amidst sandstorms.

Hyping fans’ anticipation, Netflix unveils backstage photos featuring the filming process with a variety of stylish actions using a variety of weapons, including gun battles and horseback action in a dusty wilderness.

It also adds interest to how each character has different weapons, such as guns, bows, swords, and axes.

Meet The Bandits

Kim Nam Gil, who plays the role of Lee Yoon, the leader of the bandits, mainly uses Winchester, a gun that can be said to be symbolic in the Western genre. He designed the action to suit his character, who is skilled in all types of fighting, using daggers and revolvers in close combat and sometimes even handling axes and long swords.

Song of the Bandits

Next, Yoo Jae Myung, who played Choi Chung-soo, a former activist leader, was eager to take on new challenges, including learning archery from a Korean archer and performing archery scenes while riding a horse.

Notably, Lee Ho Jung devoted himself to practicing to become a gunfighter. Kim Nam Gil, who coordinated the action scenes with him, did not hold back in his praise, saying, “He had a lot of passion and worked hard, so we worked well together without any difficulties. He gave a lot of opinions and I could see him growing while filming the project.”

Suiting up to the roles of the thieves are Kim Do Yoon, Lee Jae Gyun, and Cha Yeop. They also received prop weapons several months before filming and went through the process of making them as familiar as their own.

Kim Do Yoon portrays Kang San-gun, who was a gunner, with impeccable accuracy when sniping with a rifle.

Lee Jae Gyun, who plays Chorang, a former member of the Namsadang gang, made acrobatic movements using a double axe. He completed his unique and agile action.

Cha Yeop, who plays Geum-so uses a shotgun but mainly shows intense action with his bare fists.

Martial arts director Jo Dong-hyuk expressed his pride in the action scenes that everyone worked so hard to complete, saying, “We worked hard to film all of the action scenes. Every scene is a point to watch.

Song of the Bandits premieres on September 22 exclusively on Netflix!

Source: xportsnews