Sorn Receives Hate for Posting THIS Photo of BLACKPINK Lisa — What’s the Big Deal?

Lisa was spotted enjoying her time at Coachella. Her friend Sorn, however, was hated for sharing a photo of the BLACKPINK member.

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Here’s the full story.

Sorn Shows Off Friendship With BLACKPINK Lisa

On April 14, BLACKPINK Lisa was among the Korean celebrities spotted at the U.S. largest music festival, Coachella.

On this day, she appeared at the event not as a performer but as one of the spectators, alongside her manager Alice and Thai K-pop idol friend, former CLC Sorn.

Sorn Receives Hate for Posting THIS Photo of BLACKPINK Lisa — What's the Big Deal?
(Photo : Sorn, Lisa (Kpopping))

At the music festival, Lisa flaunted a simple fashion style wearing a cropped hoodie jacket, shorts, and white sneakers.

Despite her ordinary ‘fit, the idol still stood out and stunned the audience members with her beauty and genuine smile.

While everything was going smoothly, one event seemed to have spoiled the fun, and that was when Sorn shared a photo of the “MONEY” singer.

On her Instagram Story, the former CLC member boasted about her close relationship with the BLACKPINK star.

“Find yourself a friend who is just willing to split her legs just to take a photo of you.”

In the picture, Lisa was sitting on the floor while trying to take the best angle of Sorn.

Why Is Sorn Being Hated for Posting Lisa’s Photo?

While this is a sweet gesture that proves their strong connection, fans couldn’t help but call out Sorn as she “exposed” the initials at the back of Lisa’s phone, which they claimed Lisa had been trying to hide.

In Lisa’s past uploaded photos, she would often take a selfie while covering the upper side of her phone.

At the time, people were claiming that the initials on the back of her phone were F.A., short for Frédéric Arnault, her rumored boyfriend.

Earlier, Arnault also revealed his phone case with the initials, L.M., which allegedly stands for Lalisa Manobal.

With this, Lisa’s fans were angered that the idol would once again face the undying speculations about her private life.

With the photo, Sorn indirectly confirmed Lisa’s dating rumor.

On X and TikTok Sorn faced backlash and received hateful comments, calling her out for posting the photo. Fans even described her as a “toxic” and “fake” friend for trying to gain attention by posting Lisa’s photo, not to mention the chaos that it brought to the fandom.

As the criticism continued, Sorn’s loyalty to Lisa was even questioned and she was humiliated for allegedly being “jobless” and trying to tag along’s Lisa’s fame.

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