Soundtrack 2 Episode 1 Recap and Review: Simple Storyline is a Warm Start

Disney+ has finally released the first two episodes of Soundtrack 2 (Soundtrack #2/사운드트랙#2) starring Geum Sae-rok and Steve Noh in lead roles, along with Kpop artist Demian. Following two ex-lovers who end up spending time together after many years apart and find their feelings resurface, the series is expected to be a heartwarming and emotional ride into the complicated avenues of relationships and love, with the help of music!

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Sae-rok was last seen in successful dramas such as The Interest of Love, Youth of May and Joseon Exorcist. Meanwhile, Noh was last seen in Behind Every Star, Curtain Call and Pachinko.

The new Korean drama series will stream on Disney+ from December 06, 2023, to December 20, 2023. The series is expected to have 6 episodes, and two episodes will be released every Wednesday at 1.30 PM IST.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 starts with a very annoyed Hyeon-seo storming out of a house and eventually chooses to go back in and confront the person inside. However, she is startled to see Su-ho coming out and is even more baffled when he agrees to do it with her, which pleases her. After a rather colourful title sequence, we see the many accolades that Hyeon-seo has received as she makes a snack for her pupils. However, teaching kids isn’t an easy feat as she first has to learn the tune of NewJeans song Hype Boy and then clean by the snack that the kids have dropped on the floor. That night, she goes out on a delivery and meets someone from her school, resulting in her reminiscing about what could’ve been, with the audience learning that she was excellent at the piano but quit after taking a break for some reason.

That night, she tries to find more tutoring gigs, but it doesn’t end up working in her favour. Meanwhile, Su-ho tries to find a talent that will help his company reach the first position, but hasn’t come across any such talents. Moreover, his workaholic tendencies resulted in him suffering from tinnitus due to stress. His friend instructs him to get into piano and hires Hyeon-seo for it, which Su-ho is totally against. In the midst of moping around, however, he stumbles across the profile of a music creator who immediately captures his interest, and he reaches out to him in hopes of recruiting him for his company, Playing.

soundtrack 2 episode 1 2

The next morning, an excited and hopefully Hyeon-seo arrives at Su-ho’s home, unaware of his true identity. When they do finally come face to face, they are left shocked, and the two start to fight, with Hyeon-seo exclaiming that he he did this on purpose. With this, we get a flashback of Su-ho waiting for her at the airport and eventually getting dumped by her before embarking on a trip that they had planned to take together. She states the reason as being his poor financial situation, leaving him heartbroken and alone at the airport.

In the present, both of them say things to hurt each other, and he eventually asks her to get out. However, going back to the first scene of the episode, she rushes back in to give him a piece of her mind, and he rushes out as well (but not before fixing his hair) and eventually, both of them agree to go along with the lesson.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 1 Bonus Track

In the Bonus track, Su-ho logs in to watch the live video of the origami woman from earlier in the episode and asks her anonymously whether she truly enjoys doing this. The creators tells him that it calms the soul, especially if people do it with all their heart since it becomes a memory that they can cherish. In the chat, another person joins and starts chatting about how it’s calming to talk to a stranger at this hour and the two unknowingly bond over the squid being folded.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 1 Review

The first episode is a warm, funny and delightful start that will remind you of season 1. I think it’s not going to be a very deep story, and, honestly, it doesn’t have to be one. There’s something very calming and sweet about the episode, and the characters, although very unknown at this point, feel relatable and someone we know. I am waiting to see their struggles and stupid fights in the upcoming episodes, considering the music and the cinematography are also excellent and complement the storyline perfectly.

The series is streaming on Disney+.

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