‘Soundtrack #2’ Hints at Geum Sae Rok, Steve Noh’s Love Lost and Found

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Disney+ dropped the first trailer for Geum Sae Rok and Steve Noh’s K-drama “Soundtrack #2.”

Following the success of the first season, starring Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik, the sequel focuses on a new story featuring the characters Hyun Seo and Soo Ho.

‘Soundtrack #2’ Teaser Showcases Geum Sae Rok and Steve Noh’s Undeniable Chemistry

Teasing viewers with heartfluttering scenes, the “Soundtrack #2” trailer showcased a love story that ended with hope for a second chance.

Soundtrack #2

(Photo : Disney+)

The trailer starts with Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik, playing Lee Eun Soo and Han Sun Woo, who went from friends to lovers.

As for the sequel, the video teases viewers with a completely different situation with Hyun Seo and Soo Ho.

With the phrase “Can we start over again after our breakup?” it suggests that they were former lovers who wanted to take another shot at love.

“Soundtrack #2” promises a relatable story showcasing the feeling of passionate love, thinking that you’ve found “the one” to resentment because of the breakup and the guilt or regret that comes after it.

In the upcoming K-drama, Geum Sae Rok takes on the role of a piano tutor named Hyun Seo.

She is passionate about music but had to give up her dream because of a situation.

Viewers might recognize her from her roles in “The Fiery Priest,” “Class of Lies,” “Youth of May,” and her last K-drama appearance, “The Interest of Love,” with Moon Ga Young and Yoo Yeon Seok.

The Interest of Love

(Photo : JTBC)

As for Steve Noh, he plays Soo Ho, the longtime boyfriend of Hyun Seo, whom they met during their college years.

After the painful breakup, he strived harder and is now the CEO of a company.

He is best known as Baek Isak in “Pachinko” but also appeared in K-dramas like “Behind Every Star” and “Curtain Call.”

‘Pachinko’ Star Noh Sang Hyun Joins Kang Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won in New Drama

(Photo : Noh Sang Hyun Official Instagram)
Noh Sang Hyun

Helmed by Choi Jung Gyu of “The Devil Judge” and Kim Hee Won of “The Little Women” and “Soundtrack #1,” the upcoming romance series is slated to join new K-dramas airing this year.

“Soundtrack #2” will exclusively air via Disney+ and Hulu.

Geum Sae Rok Ends Contract With HighZium Studio

As fans await the official release date of “Soundtrack #2,” it has been confirmed that Geum Sae Rok is now a free agent after leaving her agency for two years.

After the actress signed an inclusive contract with HighZium Studio in 2021, industry representatives shared that the actress did not renew her contract with the agency.

However, HighZium Studio and Geum Sae Rok promised to support each other’s future.

HighZium Studio is the agency handling top stars like Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won, who signed with the label in 2021.

As for the “Reborn Rich” star, he is among the agency’s longtime artists.