‘South Korea apologizes to BTS’ with more than 160,000 tweets

‘South Korea apologizes to BTS’ with more than 160,000 tweets

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Reason for apologizing

The country called South Korea is trying to bring down global stars like BTS

Korea has never had such high-class superstars, so they don’t know how to treat them properly

If their nationality was American or Japanese, they would not be treated like that

They are criticizing Korea with delusions like this

1. BTS should apologize to Korea for lying to us

2. That’s disgusting

3. Well, if it were Japan, they would cover up whatever happened and ignore it

4. Who apologizes? Yoon Suk Yeol?

5. Even BTS will be confused

6. Their actions are disgusting

7. That’s why they beat all the other fandoms abroad and became the #1 fandom

8. BTS is ruining Korea’s image. Now don’t say that BTS has raised national prestige. What a shame

9. That fandom is so stupid that they don’t know what sajaegi is. So disgusting

10. We don’t need stars with faces like that, so take them away

11. BTS apologizes to Korea

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