South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 12. Jiang Shuning calls Fu Yunshen. He doesn’t pick up her phone. She leaves a message to him. She tells him that she worries about him. Zhu Jiu breaks into Leo’s office. She asks him to come out.

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What Happens In South Wind Knows Episode 12?

South Wind Knows

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 12.

Leo walks out of his office. Zhu Jiu asks him what happened to Fu Yunshen. He reveals he only knows Fu Yunshen had a traffic accident one year ago. He claims that his family and Fu Yunshen’s family aren’t close. He adds that he only knew the case after Fu Yunshen’s grandpa called his grandma.

Leo asks Zhu Jiu to take care of Fu Yunshen. But she thinks he’s going to look for another doctor. She leaves. Zhu Jiu calls Chen Le. She asks him what Fu Yunshen went through. She reveals she’s Fu Yunshen’s family doctor. He’s very happy after he heard the good news.

But she tells him that she’s going to resign. He refuses to leak what Fu Yunshen went through because he promised Fu Yunshen. So she decides to hang up. But he stops her. He reminds her that Fu Yunshen chose Heidelberg for her. He begs her to help Fu Yunshen.

Zhu Jiu points out that Fu Yunshen doesn’t want to see her. Chen Le explains to Zhu Jiu that Fu Yunshen isn’t ready to see her. He thinks Fu Yunshen has a bad temper. But he points out that there’s a reason behind what Fu Yunshen did.

Why Doesn’t Chen Le Tell the Reason to Zhu Jiu?

Zhu Jiu asks Chen Le for the reason. But he tells her not to give him a hard time. She mentions Fu Yunshen didn’t give her an explanation. She tells Chen Le that she cannot pretend nothing happened. She hangs up. Chen Le calls Leo. He reports to him that Zhu Jiu asked him about the truth.

Leo persuades Chen Le to tell Zhu Jiu the reason. But Chen Le cannot tell the reason to Zhu Jiu because he promised Fu Yunshen. Leo tells Chen Le to find the way on his own because he’s going to go to sleep. Chen Le takes a look at Fu Yunshen’s photo.

It flashes back. Chen Le brings the food to Fu Yunshen. But Fu Yunshen refuses to eat the food. Chen Le intends to call Zhu Jiu and tell her to come back to see Fu Yunshen. But Fu Yunshen rejects it. Chen Le texts Zhu Jiu. He explains to her that he thought it’s better that Fu Yunshen tells her the reason on his own.

Episode 12 of South Wind Knows ends with Zhi Zhi meeting with Jiang Shuning at the restaurant. She explains to her that she worked overtime. She comforts her that she chose a restaurant nearby her hospital. She hands over the present to her.