Spin off of Hospital Playlist, Wise Resident Life, drops their teaser

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-No matter how much it’s a spin-off, the title doesn’t really attract me..ㅋㅋ

-Go Yoon-jung really stands out.

-I was really looking forward to this writer, but now I don’t want to watch it anymore.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ Bad timing.

-Just like I can’t watch detective dramas anymore, I feel the same about medical dramas. They’ve made people too cool, it’s cringy.

-It’s really turned into a fantasy drama.

-The timing is awful..

-It seems interestingㅋ like Marvel.

-I have high expectations for Go Yoon-jung…

-If the ending is all of them opening a dermatology clinic in Gangnam together, it might be realistic~

-The drama, the writer, and the actors haven’t really done anything wrong, but I don’t feel like watching it. Right now, doctors just seem like a selfish group filled with a sense of privilege and superiority.

-Sometimes it feels like the writer is dwelling in their own fantasies.

-Doctors are always the protagonists, right? In reality, they’re just worried about their own rice bowl, leaving patients behind and always protected by nurses.

-There are a lot of unfamiliar(?) actors appearing, so I’m really happy.