Staff Complain About Shooting Halt Due To Idol Group Members’ Fight

Recently, an Instagram account known to be owned by a staff member of a K-pop company drew attention by revealing a Story with the caption, “It’s the first time a shoot was suspended because the members started to fight”.

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Although this staff member did not mention which idol group members or the company they worked for, his post gained keen attention from K-pop fans. As his post spread widely on social media, the staff member immediately switched his account to private mode. 


In response to the post, some netizens criticized the staff, claiming that it was unprofessional to publicize conflicts during work. They disagreed with the staff’s behavior of ambiguously calling out idols without revealing a specific name as it would arouse speculations and cause damage to unrelated idols. 

Also, some believed that this staff member worked for an unpopular idol group because idols from big companies are trained to be professional enough to not cause such unpleasant issues during shoots. 

However, many others expressed opposite opinions, claiming that the staff member had the right to talk about their experience during the shoot.