Staff on set of Kim Go Eun’s ‘Exhuma’ reported feeling sick after her spirit calling performance

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Article: While filming movie ‘Pamyo,’ Kim Go Eun’s spirit calling caused staff to feel sick

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+329] I’ve honestly never seen a stranger movie than this;;;

– [+14] Eh, I didn’t think it was as strange as ‘The Wailing’

[+197] Seems like all scary movies put out a story like this for marketing

– [+11] I think it’s possible for people with weak ‘qi’ to feel something like this ㅠㅠ I’m like this too

– [+32] Yeah, it’s all marketing for the naive

[+102] Well, I heard the director of this movie is a pastor, so… He must’ve had to pray hard to get through this 😂

[+15] Is this movie actually good, though? Can’t trust reviews lately…

– [+26] Personally, it had me absorbed in the first half but I lost steam by the second ㅜ

[+19] Yeah, more like staff felt sick because they were hungover from all the drinking parties the night before

[+47] Amazing movie.. two hours went by so fast 👍👍

[+47] Stuff like this makes me believe ghosts are real

[+9] Such obvious marketing

[+46] Didn’t quite live up to my expectations 😂

[+37] Eh, it’s not like Kim Go Eun’s a shaman or anything;;; let’s not bait too hard

[+15] I don’t know how you wouldn’t feel sick after having to watch someone dig a grave and sing to it