Staggering Amount Spent by Yoo Ah In on Drug Over 3 Years

A drug use scandal has completed ruined Yoo Ah In’s image 

On September 18th, the prosecutors requested the arrest of Yoo Ah In on drug charges. Earlier this year, the police had sought an arrest warrant, but it was rejected by the Seoul Central District Court. As of now, Yoo Ah In has been accused of using 8 types of drug, including Propofol, marijuana, Ketamine, Cocaine, Zolpidem, Midazolam, Alprazolam, and one stimulant, which the police have not disclosed specifically.

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The investigation results reveal that Yoo Ah In abused these drugs approximately 200 times. He reportedly spent a total of 500 million won (approximately $376,000) on Propofol, not including other drugs. This sum was spent over a span of about 3 years, from 2020 to 2023.

yoo ah in

Yoo Ah In is also accused of pressuring a friend to use marijuana abroad. The police have also requested the temporary detention of Park, a 40-year-old CEO of a fashion brand and a close acquaintance of Yoo Ah In. He is implicated in Yoo Ah In’s drug case for tampering with evidence and fleeing the scene.

Previously, in February, the public was shocked by Yoo Ah In’s positive test results for 8 types of drug. Subsequently, the police arrested 4 individuals related to Yoo Ah In, suspected of assisting him in procuring and using drugs. All of these suspects entered the United States with Yoo Ah In on February 5th. They have now been arrested for testing positive for marijuana.

Yoo Ah in

During the court hearings, Yoo Ah In appeared remorseful. However, in early September, he was unexpectedly exposed as living leisurely, without any signs of remorse for his misdeeds. He is even rumored to have gone to a fancy nightclub in Gangnam and booked the most expensive seats there. One witness confirms having seen Yoo Ah In at this nightclub. 

Source: K14