STAYC Yoon’s Explosive Revelation on Her Stage Name Choice — ‘To be honest I…’

STAYC’s Yoon recently took to a live stream to engage with fans, stirring conversations about her stage name and sparking regret over not sticking to her birth name, Shim Ja Yoon.

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Regret Over “Yoon” Debut

During the live session, Yoon candidly shared her post-debut reflections, expressing regret over adopting the stage name “Yoon.” Fans had previously voiced their preference for her birth name, Shim Ja Yoon, citing its uniqueness compared to the more common “Yoon.”


(Photo : theqoo)

“What name I would’ve promoted with instead of Yoon? To be honest, I regretted it a little after I debuted. I wondered if I should’ve just gone with my real name,” Yoon confessed.


(Photo : theqoo)

Chic Image and Company’s Influence

The decision to go with “Yoon” was not solely Yoon’s, as her company played a significant role in choosing a name that aligned with the chic image they sought for her.


(Photo : instagram)

The debut era of STAYC showcased songs with a strong and chic feel, complemented by concept photos that conveyed the company’s vision for Yoon.

Netizens Urge a Change

Netizens were quick to weigh in, expressing their preference for Shim Ja Yoon over the chosen stage name. The sentiment was widely shared that her birth name carried a more unique and fitting essence.

“Shim Ja Yoon sounds so pretty. It also leaves an impression,” remarked one netizen, while another suggested, “Ja Yoon suits her image of a cool and urban girl. It’s not hard to change a stage name. The company can just release an article, and that’s it. Please make her Ja Yoon even now.”


Here are additional reactions from netizens regarding Yoon’s decision on her stage name: 

“The name Ja-yoon fits well with the urban and cool style of her image, so changing her stage name isn’t difficult, and all it takes is an entertainment agency to publish an article, so just call her Ja-yoon now”
“Even if you add your last name, it’s unique and goes well with it.”
“When I think of Yoon, the only thing that comes to mind is ㄹㅇ Gyong… Searching is also a messㅠ Can’t I change it to Jayoon?”
“I’d like to change it now. I like it because it has personality.”
“Isn’t the name so pretty? It’s hard to search for Yoon. “
“I think the company made her debut based on the character of a cold-blooded girl based on her appearance, but Yoon is sophisticated and fits that image well. Ja-yoon is unique, but not so sophisticated, so I understand why they gave her a stage name like that. It’s a shame because it’s a search net, but…”
“I came in thinking of Yoon haha. I think I can change it to Jayoon before it’s too late.”
“Let’s change it to Jayoon~”
“No, Shim Ja-yoon suits you better”

As discussions unfold, fans are increasingly recognizing Yoon’s goofier side, contrasting with the initial perception of chicness. Many believe that adopting the name Shim Ja Yoon would better align with her true essence and leave a lasting impact.

The plea for a name change resonates among fans, as they hope to witness a transition that brings out the authenticity of Yoon’s persona.