Story of Idol Who Quit Because She ‘Can’t Sing’ Resurfaces Amid Live Vocals Issue in K-pop

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Amid backlash that current K-pop idols deal with due to their “poor” live vocals, fans brought back the story of one idol who left her group because she “couldn’t sing.”

Who is she?

Why Did Rana Leave Nine Muses? Idol’s Reason for Quitting K-pop Resurfaces

On May 1, an X user’s post went viral after bringing back former Nine Muses’ Rana’s reason for leaving the girl group. Fans then connected this to the current controversy over K-pop idols who can’t sing live.

A post shared by instagram

In particular, the tweet was a reply to the original post of another netizen who wanted to create a thread of people who have given up on something.

The X post then received over half-million engagements, and on the quotes section, one post stood out, and this was about Rana, a former Nine Muses member who left in 2011.

According to the screenshot, the idol quit her status in the music scene after honestly confessing that she couldn’t sing.

Rana is a former winner of a super-model pageant and in 2010, she joined Nine Muses as one of the members.

At the time, they rose to stardom with their model-like physique, height, and visuals. Their debut song, “No Playboy,” also received decent support from fans.

Unfortunately, Rana, along with Bini, left the group just a year after their debut, and based on the official statement at the time, both decided to focus on their solo careers, with Rana going back to her original passion, which was modeling and acting.

A post shared by instagram

However, in December 2013, about two years after her withdrawal from the team, the former idol revealed her true reason for leaving the group and quitting the music scene through the show, “Challenge 1000 Songs.”

According to 1984 Miss Korea Lim Ji Yeon, Rana quit singing career due to her vocals, saying:

“You’ll see later. I can’t sing.”

In the show, Rana then performed a song and after hearing her cracking voice while singing the first line, the other cast couldn’t hide their shock and tried to lighten the atmosphere by singing along with her.

Netizens React to Rana’s Story Amid Live Vocals Controversy in the K-pop Scene

As of the writing, the post has over 560k views and about 17.5k likes. K-pop fans from various fandoms particularly conveyed their mad respect for Rana who became honest and accepting of her true skills.

Fans understood her since they were also aware that Rana trained to become a model and actress, not as a singer or idol.

Just then, people claimed that if only current K-pop idols would also be honest about their abilities and limitations, the industry would be “better,” mentioning idols who were embroiled in “poor live vocals” controversies.

Other netizens also claimed that Rana sounds even better than the current idols, implying that the standards in the K-pop scene are really decreasing.