Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Sister Speaks Out Against ‘Inappropriate’ Comments On Family: ‘It’s Gross’

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Hannah Bahng has directly called out the disgusting comments made towards her non-celebrity little brother in a live broadcast.

Here’s what she said.

Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Criticizes Netizens Sending ‘Inappropriate’ Comments On Non-Celebrity Brother

Hannah Bahng is a notable name in K-pop, especially among STAYs, since she’s also the younger sister of Stray Kids leader Bang Chan.

Though she’s related to one of K-pop’s aces, she has established a solid fanbase by showcasing her own talent, star power, music, and visuals.

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

As a public figure, Hannah’s social media traction is commendable since she also loves to interact with her loving fans. However, in her newest livestream, Hannah gained immense buzz across the K-pop community and STAYville.

According to numerous clips that were spread online on April 22, Hannah revealed that there was a minority of fans who were being “weird” by leaving inappropriate comments regarding her younger brother, Lucas Bang.

Stray Kids' Bang Chan's Sister Speaks Out Against 'Inappropriate' Comments On Family: 'It's Gross'
(Photo : Instagram: @hannahhbahng)

The artist then addressed the comments she had seen, such as people wanting to know her little brother’s Instagram account and stating how they wanted to wait for him to arrive at the legal age, which she found sickening.

“You don’t want me to start on all that, because I know I’m all fun and fresh most of the time, but if I’m to be genuinely serious right now for a second, some of you guys, like, not all of you guys, I know it’s a very small percentage of you guys are really weird about my little brother.

It’s insanely weird and I’m not going to lie, it’s a little disgusting that some of the comments that I see about him, I see so many comments that are like, ‘What’s his Instagram?’ and ‘Can’t wait ’til he’s 18.’ I’m so sorry, but shut the f**k up.

I’m sorry, I love you guys, but the small percentage of you guys who are doing that, I don’t love you as much. I’m not going to lie.”

Stray Kids' Bang Chan's Sister Speaks Out Against 'Inappropriate' Comments On Family: 'It's Gross'
(Photo : TikTok: @hannah_banguita_favorita)

Hannah then asked everyone to refrain from searching her younger brother up, as he doesn’t want to be in the limelight compared to her.

“I think you guys should stop trying to find him, he doesn’t want to be in the public eye like that, he’s a very private person. It’s a different thing for me since I want to be in the public eye, be an artist, a musician.

Whereas my little brother doesn’t want to do that, so don’t search him up, and don’t make weird comments. If I see any more weird comments or TikToks about him, I will throw up and then report you. Because that’s just a breach of privacy and it’s just kind of gross.

So please stop, guys.”

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Here’s how netizens reacted:

  • “Yeah, no, for real. Hannah and Chan have chosen to have very public lives, but their brother shouldn’t be dragged into that if he doesn’t want to.”
  • “Tell them, Hannah.”
  • “Hanna ate for real.”
  • “The fact that she saw so many comments & such bad comments that she had to say that like how insane must that situation be.”
  • “She’s a great big sister for standing up for her little bro like that.”



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