Stray Kids fans sent protest trucks in front of the JYP building demanding that Hyunjin leave the group

Stray Kids Hyunjin fans’ protest trucks in front of the JYP building today

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“Hwang Hyunjin get out”

“Who gave Stray Kids its image as bullies? You’re so cool Hyunjin!”

“If you can’t fix it, then throw it away! Stop hampering the team and get out.”

“This is the third controversy. All three times, it’s regarding Hwang Hyunjin. What is JYP’s threshold for expulsion?”

“Hyunjin again? That Hyunjin?”

1. What’s happening? Why the third controversy? Besides school violence, is there anything else?

2. The school bully should have been kicked out of the group a long time ago, the group’s image was ruined because of him

3. But why are there three controversies? Is there anything else besides school violence?

4. Because he was the most popular member, they didn’t kick him out of the group

5. Seriously, he should have left the group when the school violence controversy broke out

6. If you are a fan of Stray Kids then you will definitely be angry.. How many controversies have happened?

7. What is happening to him?

8. Is it him again????

9. He has a lot of fans and makes a lot of money. I don’t think JYP will kick him out of the group

10. There’s no way a money-crazy guy like JYP would abandon him because he has so many fans

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