Stray Kids Hyunjin Makes Heartfelt Donation To The Hearing Impaired + Idol Dishes Thoughts On Contribution

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Hyunjin has donated to The Snail Of Love charity to give aid to the hearing impaired.

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Stray Kids Hyunjin Donates To The Hearing Impaired, Becomes Member Of Organization’s Donor Club

Korean news outlets reported that Hyunjin of Stray Kids made a heartfelt donation to The Snail of Love, which aimed to help those who are hearing impaired.

Stray Kids Hyunjin
(Photo : Osen)

Sources also state that the donation was also made during his birthday on March 20 and according to K-Media, the “S-CLASS” singer contributed a total of 100 million won, which is equivalent to $74,300 USD.

The Snail of Love is a social welfare organization that provides support to those with impairments in hearing. The institute also offers artificial cochlear implant surgeries, along with hearing aids, and educates the public to raise awareness.

The donation also led Hyunjin to become a member of The Snail of Love Soul Leader, which is the label for someone who is a donor club of high value and someone who has contributed more than 99 million won ($73,600 USD).

Hyunjin also addressed his contribution through his agency JYP Entertainment, stating his clear resolve to give aid to those with hearing impairment.  

As an artist who wants to share joy through music, I joined the organization and contributed to help even in a small way, to help people find their sounds.” Hyunjin shared. “It’s a small gesture, but I want to share the precious love I have received from my fans and hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure and joy of music together.”

On social media platform X (Twitter), Hyunjin gained traction online, as STAYs praised him for his efforts and kindness. Read their reactions below:

STAYs Demand JYP Entertainment To Protect Hyunjin, Online Protests Occur

In other news, fans called out JYP Entertainment and demanded the agency’s protection for Hyunjin. According to posts online, STAYs railed on X (Twitter) to trend “JYP PROTECT HYUNJIN,” as a request to shield the idol from defamation and hate online.

Moreover, fans also pointed out how the company was not being competent regarding Hyunjin’s promotions. The complaints mentioned aspects such as lack of security at the airport, personal stylists, and a personal photographer or fashion film during his appearance at Milan Fashion Week.

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