‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ Aubrey sparks discussion on armpit hair

Article: “She looks confident and cool vs I don’t want to see this” Street Woman Fighter 2, debate ensues over Audrey’s armpit hair, mixed reactions from viewers

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Source: Insight via Instagram + Insight + Insight

[+941] What do people want her to do? Just accept her for who she is, please

[+506] If you don’t like seeing it… then don’t watch the show. It’s not your armpit hair, is it? So back off..😂

[+478] It’s not even your own armpit hair, why are you getting so mad over it…..

[+435] Korea’s so embarrassing, can people just stop…

[+346] It’s up to her to do what she wants

[+333] I didn’t even know she had armpit hair… why are you looking there instead of watching the dance! She’s a dancer, judge her for her dancing and not for her looks..!!!!

[+186] But since when did not shaving there start to be considered “confident” and “cool”??

[+119] Ugh, can everyone just stop… Just change the channel if you don’t like it. Why drag it out into hate? She seems to be enjoying her life, why try and disrupt her peace like this? Her dancing is really amazing 👍🏼

[+170] All this fuss over nothing

[+90] It’s natural for hair to grow there.. and up to your personal freedom to decide what you want to do with it ㅎ

[+68] It did take me by surprise a bit……. ㅎㅎ

[+55] Having armpit hair is natural. It’s not like she’s showing any excessive skin or anything, I don’t see any part of this that should be considered problematic. If you don’t want to watch, then change the channel.

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[+47] It’s not even that hairy.. just looks grassy? Let’s be real, she has less than most of you, probably!

[+42] Embarrassing that armpit hair is even considered a debate of “divided responses” here

[+34] Personal preference, right…

[+32] If foreigners found out about our reactions, I think they’d call us crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’d be like “who do they think they are to be judging someone else’s armpit hair” 

[+5] It is shocking… but only because I’m not used to it. But yes, it’s up to her in the end.

[+4] People are only calling it “cool” now because Audrey’s a foreigner, but can you imagine if a Korean TV star had hair like that? Everyone would be like “this is too much” ㅋㅋㅋ

[+3] I didn’t think anything of it, but I never found armpit hair to look “cool”…

[+2] I mean, it’s not the hair that’s shocking, it’s that Audrey has such a baby face and you wouldn’t expect her to have hairy armpits is all… I think it’d be less of a point of discussion if it was Kirsten or Latrice that had it…

[+1] I highly doubt any Koreans are calling it “cool,” especially in a country that will yell at female idols for even having some leg hair ㅜㅋㅋ