‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ Episode 3: ‘K-pop Deathmatch’ Begins, Contestants Continue With ‘Class Mission,’ More!

Episode 3 of “Street Woman Fighter 2” continued the battle for “Main Dancer Audition,” and introduced the new “K-pop Deathmatch” battle.

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Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 3: ‘Main Dancer Audition’ Continues, Contestants Gets Introduced to New ‘K-pop Deathmatch’ Battle!

The third episode of “Street Woman Fighter 2” picked where the show left off, with contestants from Rookie, Sub-Leader, and Leader classes have finished stealing their positions as main dancers.

Three contestants were selected as main dancers:

Rookie Class: Rena (TSUBAKILL)

Sub-Leader Class: Latrice (Jam Republic)

Leader Class: Bada Lee (BEBE)

Afterwards, Episode 3 continued with the performances of Middle Class for Main Dancer audition. Unlike previous battles, the round required two dancers from each crew in order to compete as a duo.

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Watch their performances below!


1.    Chocol & Haechi Wang (Wolf’Lo) vs. Waackxxxy & Yoonji (MANNEQUEEN)


2.    Naro & Vessi (LADYBOUNCE) vs. Kyma & Cheche (BEBE)


3.    Debby & Amy (1MILLION) vs. Ling & Audrey (Jam Republic)


4.    Minny Park & JJ (Deep N Dap) vs. Yumeri & Momo (TSUBAKILL)


In the end, a rematch was considered between TSUBAKILL and MANNEQUEEN, as well as Jam Republic and 1MILLION.

1.   Yumeri & Momo (TSUBAKILL) vs. Waackxxxy & Yoonji (MANNEQUEEN) 


2.    Ling & Audrey (Jam Republic) vs. Debby & Amy (1MILLION)


Final Main Dancers of Middle Class: Waackxxxy & Yoonji (MANNEQUEEN)

Continuation of ‘Class Mission’

After the “Main Dancer Audition,” the show proceeded with the “Class Mission.” During the round, where each class have now finalized their crews for the performance videos, MC Kang Daniel followed up that each dancer in the crew will be graded individually.

Because of this individual evaluation, each dancer was now allowed to try and stand out in the video. The host also added that crews were permitted to rearrange their places in the completed choreography.

'Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 3: 'K-pop Deathmatch' Begins, Contestants Face Off in Relentless Performances!

(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)

'Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 3: 'K-pop Deathmatch' Begins, Contestants Face Off in Relentless Performances!

(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)

'Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 3: 'K-pop Deathmatch' Begins, Contestants Face Off in Relentless Performances!

(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)

'Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 3: 'K-pop Deathmatch' Begins, Contestants Face Off in Relentless Performances!

(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)

However, the only person who can call the shots are the main dancers. The “Class Mission” also served as an ultimatum for dancers who want to seize the top place.

Going back to the show, Kang Daniel explained how the rankings will go:

“Here’s how we’ll decide the rankings for this mission. The fight judges will grade your performance individually, and the rankings will be decided based on the sum of your crew members’ scores.

Here are the main dancers of each class: In Leader Class: Bada of BEBE, Sub-Leader Class: Latrice of Jam Republic, Middle Class: Waackxxxy and Yoonji of MANNQUEEN, and Rookie Class: Rena of TSUBAKILL.

Each of the main dancers mentioned have the power to pick the worst dancer and subtract 50 points from the worst dancer’s crew. Please watch your videos and choose the worst dancer in your class.”

Watch their performance videos here:

Rookie Class: ‘Twerk’ by (G)I-DLE Miyeon & Yuqi (choreo by Rena of TSUBAKILL)


Worst Dancer: Buckey of MANNEQUEEN

Sub-Leader Class: ‘Click Like’ by Crush (feat. Paul Blanco) (prod. Crush) (choreo by Latrice of Jam Republic)


Worst Dancer: Redlic (MANNEQUEEN)

Middle Class: ‘Swipe’ by NCT Taeyong & Ten (prod. By C-Young, Alawn) (choreo by Waackxxxy & Yoonji of MANNEQUEEN)


Worst Dancer: Cheche & Kyma of BEBE

Leader Class: ‘Smoke’ by Dynamic Duo & Lee Young Ji (choreo by Bada of BEBE)


Worst Dancer: Mina Myoung (Deep N Dap)

The rankings were then explained by Kang Daniel, who elaborated that an additional 100 points will be awarded to the main dancer, while 50 points will be deducted from the worst dancer.

The individual scores handed separately also served as a contributing factor to the final result. See the top eight below:

1.    Jam Republic: 1,110 points

2.    TSUBAKILL: 970 points

3.    BEBE: 890 points

4.    LADYBOUNCE: 790 points

5.    MANNEQUEEN: 780 points

6.    1MILLION: 720 points

7.    Deep N Dap: 540 points

8.    Wolf’Lo: 410 points

After notifying contestants the program’s first elimination, Kang Daniel then introduced the next mission.

Program Initiates ‘K-pop Deathmatch’

According to the host, crews will have to perform songs from the “Big 4” K-pop agencies. Each crew were assigned to either choose SM, JYP, YG, and HYBE. The crews who chose the same entertainment agency would have to engage on a one versus one battle.

However, the only crews who chose SM and YG were LADYBOUNCE and Wolf’Lo, respectively, leading the two dance teams to automatically pass the round.

Meanwhile, the other six crews at JYP and HYBE were the only ones who battled it out. The groups faced off by dancing to the assigned songs with a new choreography.


HYBE: Deep N Dap, Jam Republic, MANNEQUEEN

The host also added:

“The results of the song battle to pick the two crews for a song will be chosen by your own votes. Vote for the one crew you think should be eliminated because they didn’t express the song well.”

‘Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife’ by LE SSERAFIM & ‘DOPE’ by BTS

1.    Jam Republic




3.    Deep N Dap


At the end of the HYBE Dance Battle, the results revealed that Jam Republic and MANNEQUEEN were chosen to duel, leaving Deep N Dap behind.

‘Not Shy’ by ITZY & ‘MANIAC’ by Stray Kids

1.    1MILLION




3.    BEBE


To conclude, the round decided BEBE and TSUBAKILL as the main contenders, while 1MILLION was removed from the JYP Dance Battle results.

When the match ended, the two excluded crews Deep N Dap and 1MILLION were required to choose an open agency. Deep N Dap chose the battle for SM, pitting them against LADYBOUNCE. This led 1MILLION to engage against Wolf’Lo in the YG Dance Battle.

‘K-pop Deathmatch’ Mission Part 2

On the second part of “K-pop Deathmatch,” Kang Daniel informed everyone that the results will also involve the casting of audience members. The order of performances will also be arranged by the performance director of each entertainment agency and its artists.

The host furthered:

“Each song has two dance copy challenge sections. Since this mission is a 1-on-1 match in which one crew will win and the other will lose, it’s important to make a dance that contains the crew’s specialty.”

In the episode’s climax, MANNEQUEEN ended up choosing BTS’s “Dope,” leaving Jam Republic with LE SSERAFIM’s “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife.”

Which performances on Episode 3 are your favorite picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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