“Strong Girl Nam Soon” Episode 9 and 10 Reveal More Alarming Details About The Villain and The Drug

Uncovering more information about the dangerous drug the CEO of Doogo plans to wield for more power, Strong Girl Nam Soon went to jampacked chapters in its 4th week!

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Interesting love triangles also arise on the horizon.

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Strong Girl Nam Soon Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

Previously, Nam-soon secured a job as one of Shi-oh’s core team members and worked with Hee-sik to get details about his real intention.

Geum-ja also receives a call from her father’s return to Korea. That is something that would not sit well with her mother’s situation who is currently over the moon discovering romance with Grandpa barista.

“An impostor of Geum-ja’s daughter should know who the real daughter. Is Tsetseg Gang Nam-soon?”

Infiltrating Shi-oh’s office, Nam-soon dressed as a ghost and stole his computer which made Hee-sik worried. However, nothing useful was retrieved from it.

They proceed to check on the outside business dealings of Doogo so Nam-soon tries to get chummier with Manager Kim.

Meanwhile, Nam-in and Hee-sik’s team leader battle the effects of the drugs they secretly take.

Frustrated about his stolen computer, Shi-oh thinks Geum-ju might have something to do about it but her presence was not detected at all. Clever Shi-oh senses something odd picking up on his bodyguard’s clue that the thief is about Nam-soon’s height.

He visits Myung-hee who met with Geum-ju recently. The latter urged her to truly repent for her sins so she could also be her daughter.

Surprisingly, Myung-hee feigns ignorance and responds that Nam-soon is not Tsetseg.

“Hwang Geum-ju is getting on my nerves lately. Enough for me to kill her.”

Geum-ju gets information about the mafia group Pavel and sets forth to go to the club with Hee-sik posing as her employee in the new media company she recently announced.

They meet Shi-oh and Nam-soon and the former holds back his annoyance at Geum-ju who blatantly declares she has been doing some digging on him and the business he runs.

Later, at home, Nam-soon chides her mom out of worry for getting on Shi-oh’s nerves.

Nam-soon’s father also discovers his son unconscious.

Annoyed at Geum-ju, Shi-oh calls someone to kill her. But she already has taken precautions after she intentionally angered Doogo’s CEO.

She pretends being hit by the truck and also gets a stand-in patient.

“I can tell which kind of light is real and which is fake. You’re a light that’s not sure if it’s real or fake.”

Meanwhile, the Kang siblings reunite with their father who suffered an injury from Joong-gan. They discover he journeyed to Tibet hoping he can find Nam-soon.

From feeling the high of being in love, Joong-gan’s happiness plummeted torn in her situation with her husband and lover.

After dinner with Shi-oh, Nam-soon had a chat with him about Seoul’s night view. He tells her how the bright lights hide the dark things that happen at night.

Nam-soon asserts knowing how to tell apart fake or real light and responds that she thinks he’s not sure if he’s a light that’s real or fake when he asks what kind of light he is.

A glimpse of Shi-oh’s past reveals how at a young age, he was forced to kill someone.

“I’ll make Kang Hee-sik mine. I’ll bring him home.”

As promised, Nam-soon goes to stay at Hee-sik’s place after work so they can plan on intercepting the package Doogo is set to deliver the next day.

Having alone time with each other, they take advantage of it and go for some sweet pecks

Worried about his son, Nam-soon’s father goes to the police station to meet Hee-sik and reveals Nam-in’s current situation. Hee-sik orders for the pills to be investigated right away.

Finding time to speak with her daughter before the mission to intercept Doogo’s package, Geum-ju warns her that Shi-oh is suspicious of her. She suggests staying at Hee-sik’s place so there will be more time to get closer to her sweetheart.

Filial to her mother, Nam-soon confidently promises to bring Hee-sik home making Geum-ju happy.

Getting the information about the shipment time, Nam-soon proceeds to the factory and spots the shipment being transferred to a truck. She plants herself inside and coordinates with Hee-sik.

Inside the target shipment are boxes of padded jackets which Nam-soon retrieved and passed on to Hee-sik.

Hee-sik finds feathers inside the padding of the jacket and uses water to reveal its original form. He then calls Geum-ju to inform her that the weight-loss pills Nam-in has been taking recently are also drugs.

Simultaneously, Hee-sik monitors Nam-soon through her watch and sees Shi-oh proposing for her to date him.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

The energy of the characters and the story are so far making Strong Girl Nam Soon entertaining to watch!

Admittedly, in the beginning episodes, the scattered out-of-place scenes made the narrative messy. Interestingly, the more details the series unravels, the more these sprinkled fillers make sense.

Geum-ju’s brother’s abysmally weak body, Nam-in’s mommy issues and Joong-gan’s love journey have strangely engrossing charms that warrant regular checks from the viewers.

Now, we also foresee the love triangle between the cop and the villain vying for the heart of Nam-soon.

In the outsmarting game between Shi-oh and Geum-ju, Nam-in’s drug addiction now becomes a chip card for the villain who possesses the antidote. The same goes with Hee-sik’s team leader who also needs the antidote. Getting the cure would not be easy, especially if Shi-oh learns this accidental advantage he has.

Based on his back story, we know that Shi-oh is not downright evil. His past circumstance to survive led to an irreversible choice of doing atrocious deeds. Knowing Nam-soon could be the ray of light that could propel him to change or turn him into the worst version of himself once he learns about her connections and intentions.

Root for Nam-soon’s dream of helping others and finding the man she wants to protect and marry in Strong Girl Nam Soon on JTBC! International fans can watch it on Netflix.

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