‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ Season 2: Will JTBC Release Sequel to Lee Yoo Mi’s Drama?

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With JTBC’s first release of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” viewers are hoping for a second sequel. Interestingly, the broadcast network made a spin-off called “Strong Girl Namsoon,” featuring a new story and cast lineup.

On November 26, the Lee Yoo Mi-led K-drama aired the show’s finale, giving viewers surprising news for the highly anticipated sequel.

Before “Strong Girl Namsoon” wrapped up the season, JTBC mentioned the possibility of having a new spin-off.

JTBC Announces Possible ‘Strong Girl’ Spin-Off

Following the success of Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and the recently concluded “Strong Girl Namsoon,” JTBC shares plans for another spin-off.

Strong Girl Namsoon, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

(Photo : JTBC)

In a report, insiders cited that the network is looking into releasing the show’s third installment.

With this, JTBC is in the planning stage but “is currently concentrating on writing another project.”

In addition to this, rumors sparked that Baek Mi Kyung, who wrote “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and “Strong Girl Namsoon,” will be working on the upcoming spin-off.

As seen in the previous series, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” stars Park Bo Young in the titular role.

She worked alongside the young CEO named Ahn Min Hyuk, played by Park Hyung Sik.

The 16-episode rom-com series sends viewers into a frenzy, delighting fans with every episode featuring the duo.

Interestingly, Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk return as a married couple as they make a cameo in “Strong Girl Namsoon.”

Speaking of the second spin-off, “Strong Girl Namsoon” has a different premise as it focuses on the three generations of women with unimaginable strength.

Other than Lee Yoo Mi, veteran actress Kim Hae Sook takes on the role of Nam Soon’s legendary grandmother, while Kim Jung Eun plays the millionaire chaebol and Nam Soon’s biological mother.

Will There be ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ Season 2?

Strong Girl Namsoon

(Photo : JTBC)

As mentioned, the forthcoming installment will be a spin-off, which means that it will feature a new cast lineup and story.

In a report cited by a news portal, viewers predict that the “Strong Girl” spin-off will have a new premise.

The speculation arose after the “Strong Girl Namsoon” ending hints at a new character named Choong Dong.

In the said scene, Hwang Geum Jung is seeking the help of Yun Hui, played by Oh Na Ra. She then calls his son, named Chong Dong, who was seen smashing a monitor as he heard his mother’s voice.

With this, viewers think that the third installment will feature a male character instead of a female.

Unfortunately, this gained negative reactions from viewers, who stated that it would depict the purpose of the “Strong Girl” series.