“Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon” Reveals Ong Seong Wu As An Elite Police Officer

Giving a quick look at Ong Seong Wu, Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon introduces his character as a passionate detective.

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Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon (LT) broadens the worldview of the 2017 JTBC hit series Strong Girl Bong Soon. It is regarded as the first series to feature the first female superhero in a Korean drama.

The spinoff focuses on a drug crime story in Gangnam among Bong-soon’s relatives: cousin Nam-soon and her mother Geum-ju and grandmother Joong-gan.

In the drama, Kim Jung Eun portrays Geum-ju, a well-off mother who has lived a life burning with a sense of justice. She has obsessively done good things with a driven attitude to find her lost daughter.

Squid Game star and rising actress Lee Yoo Mi plays Nam-soon, Geum-ju’s daughter in the story. Seasoned actress Kim Hae Sook suits up as Nam-soon’s grandmother Gil Joong-gan. All of them have the super-strength ability passed on from their ancestors on the mother’s side.

Ong Seong Wu as Passionate Detective Kang Hee-sik

Ong Seong Wu plays the role of Kang Hee-sik, the youngest police officer in the Gangnam Han River District Police Department who is super intelligent. An elite graduate of the police academy, he is assigned to a secret drug investigation team to chase down drug cases that are increasing exponentially. Although he is young, he plans to take the lead in the investigation and demonstrate leadership to solve the case.

Meanwhile, Kang Hee-sik in the released photo has a unique look in his eyes. He is more sincere and diligent than anyone else in uncovering the true nature of new drug crimes. His investigative instincts shine even brighter at the crime scene. The keen eyes that do not miss even the smallest clue draw attention.

Next, the charisma of Hee-sik, who was deployed in a secret operation, was also captured. His sharp eyes as he carefully aims at something also add interest. I am also curious about how he will perform against new drug crimes and the exciting chemistry he will create with the ‘mother and daughter heroes’.

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon will premiere at 10:30 pm on October 7.

Source: JTBC News

Photos: JTBC Drama