Suchwita Episode 18 Reactions: BTS OT7 Montage and Kim Taehyung’s Sincerity Have the Fans Tearing Up and Anticipating 2025 Reunion

With the new episode of BTS Suga’s recreational variety series coming out on September 11, 2023, the Suchwita Episode 18 reactions are spilling over with love and appreciation from BTS ARMYs who’re now content and satisfied more than ever since all seven members of the group have had their unique episode appearances. Although Suga’s show (슈취타) has also featured other celebrity interviews, its largely been woven around the septet’s achievements and experiments as soloists till the time they’re still on a hiatus as a group.

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The 18th episode completed the circle, as several episodes of the series primarily dedicated to the BTS members and focussed on promoting their solo projects. First beginning with the group’s leader, RM, subsequent episodes welcomed Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-hope, Jungkook and then finally V, to help spread the word around their respective new releases. It also dug deeper into the members’ dynamics with each other, thereby formulating a list of reasons as to why the group’s reunion in the year 2025 will be worth the wait once all members are done with their military duties for good.

Suchwita Episode 18 Reactions - BTS OT7

In the latest episode of Suchwita Taehyung edition, Suga celebrated BTS V’s solo debut with his first studio album titled Layover. Breaking down the significance of this record for Kim Taehyung, and how this feat has helped him spread his wings as an artist while exploring the colours of his creativity on his own, the 18th entry of the show’s episode list divulged the future BTS OT7 reunion. With a new season of BTS Bon Voyage on the cards, the fans of the group are surely awaiting the arrival of 2025.

BTS ARMYs were possibly most touched by the final montage featuring all seven members of the group, as the editors of the show also picked on the common trait shared between each member of the septet – their rushed urgency to get back together. Netizens also took heed of this recurrent thought and mentioned it in their tweets on X (formerly Twitter), “everytime a bts member appeared on suchwita, they talked and shared about how they all want to get back as a team and wish for 2025 to come faster. they all are waiting for that one reunion as much as we are”.

The familial bond shared between the boys as always has been an emotional factor keeping their fans tied to them as well. And so, many ARMYs took the chance to thank Suga for helping promote the other members’ solo projects and songs on his show. One of the X users mentioned, “It really is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched and will come back to these episodes often”.

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Having nicknamed Taehyung and Suga (Yoongi) as Taegi, BTS fans couldn’t have enough of their adorable bond and repeatedly went back to their old shared moments and V’s sincere words. Despite the OT7 montage playing out at the end of the episode making it seem as if this was the final episode of the series, fans are still counting on an episode featuring all 7 members of the group together, which would be the actual celebratory finale ARMYs are still looking forward to in the future.

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