Suho Reveals Watching Points of “Missing Crown Prince”

The male lead of Missing Crown Prince shared viewing points ahead of the first broadcast on April 13.

Missing Crown Prince is a creative collaboration between director Kim Jin-man, who worked on classic Korean romantic comedies The Greatest Love and Kill Me, Heal Me, and writers Kim Ji-soo and Park Cheol, who wrote Bossam – Steal The Fate.

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“Missing Crown Prince” Presents Lead Cast In Main Poster

The series is a Joseon-set romantic comedy full of twists and turns about a young man kidnapped by his destined wife.

EXO’s Suho portrays crown prince Lee Gon whose fate changed overnight. Trouble brews when he’s abducted by Choi Myung-yoon (Hong Ye Ji), an ambitious woman set on marrying him to seize power. As they evade danger, watch their unlikely romance blossom amidst the chaos of their escape.

The actor is raising expectations by foreshadowing a charming crown prince with a variety of charms, from slyness with a subtle playfulness to a solemn and charismatic appearance.

Suho conveys what to look forward to in the series.

We plan to depict exciting developments such as a thrilling romance, the friendship between brothers, and a story that uncovers shocking events in the palace. Missing Crown Prince is not limited to one genre and includes romance, thriller, and suspense. You will be able to see my diverse side.”

Suho’s first historical drama starring role, Missing Crown Prince, premieres at 9:40 pm on April 13.

Source: xportsnews