Suho’s Airport Appearance Goes Viral Due To Resemblance To THIS Iconic K-Drama Character

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EXO’s Suho (Kim Junmyeon) took the K-drama fans to a trip down their memory lane due to his nostalgic visuals in his airport appearance.

What are people saying, and who does he look like?

EXO Suho Leaves K-Drama Fans Feeling Nostalgic With His Resemblance To ‘Winter Sonata’s’ Lee Min Hyung

One of the hottest idol-actors today, EXO’s Suho, sent fans into a frenzy with his latest airport appearance. There, the celebrity surprised the public with his Y2K matinee idol look!

Clad in a black turtle-neck, all-denim pants and polo, a puffer jacket, and eyeglasses, Suho debuted with long hair and resembled the legendary K-drama character Lee Min Hyung, played by veteran actor Bae Yong Joon, in the OG K-drama aired in 2002, “Winter Sonata.”


(Photo : Pannchoa | TV Report)

Bae Yong Joon

(Photo : KBS2)

Because of this iconic role, Bae Yong Joon was dubbed as “Yon Sama,” which means Prince Yong after the actor’s first name, given by his Japanese fans.

As the photos of him at the airport circulated online, Korean fans immediately took to various SNS portals to share their hilarious reactions about the K-heartthrob’s unexpected resemblance to Lee Min Hyung.

Some fans also edited Suho’s photo into a “Winter Sonata” poster!


(Photo : Pannchoa | KBS2)

  • “Suho reminded of Yon Sama!”
  • “Why does he look the same? (Yon Sama)”
  • “As expected, trends come back every 20 years hahaha”
  • “I burst out laughing as soon as I clicked the photos.”
  • “Wow! Crazy, the styling is almost the same.”
  • “Why does Suho have the same vibe as Yon Sama?”

What’s Next for Suho

Suho headlined “Behind Your Touch” with Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki. He also made a special appearance in the fantasy series “Arthdal Chronicles 2.”

After concluding these projects, the idol-actor already received another script for a historical-romance drama “The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.” According to SM Entertainment, the EXO singer received the casting offer and is positively considering the project.

If he accepts the role, he will play the character of a crown prince and it will be his first-ever historical drama since his acting debut.

Meanwhile, his possible leading lady is still in discussion. Once the casting has been finalized, the production will immediately begin and tentatively for release sometime in 2024.

The rom-com series is set in the Joseon era, which tells the story of a crown prince who is kidnapped by a woman, who is set to become his wife.

While on the chase for their lives, romance starts to blossom between them.

What can you say about EXO Suho’s latest airport look? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!