‘Sunjae-ya’ Byun Wooseok Has Also Lost His Name


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Actor Byun Wooseok has also lost his name.

Byun Wooseok is currently playing the role of Ryu Sunjae, the vocalist of the idol band Eclipse, in the recent tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Lovely Runner”. He impresses with his warm appearance, switching between a high school student at 18 and a 34-year-old celebrity, capturing hearts perfectly.

Especially noteworthy is how Byun Wooseok, despite having no prior experience as an idol trainee, flawlessly portrays the role of an idol, earning praise from both drama fans and existing idol fans alike.

This led to excessive immersion in the drama for Byun Wooseok. His appearance at the opening ceremony red carpet of the 25th Jeonju International Film Festival on the 1st also attracted significant attention. Especially, fans who visited the red carpet scene didn’t call Byun Wooseok by his real name but instead referred to him as “Sunjae,” drawing attention.

There have been numerous actors who have lost their names due to the popularity of their works and characters in the past. With Byun Wooseok also being called ‘Sunjae’ instead of ‘Byun Wooseok,’ he joins the lineup of ‘actors who have lost their names.’


-But the name ‘Sunjae’ fits him so perfectly.

-Look at the comments, they’re all calling him Sunjaeㅋㅋㅋ

-But he’s too much of a Sunjae ㅠㅠ

-He attended Jeonju International Film Festival as the representative of Eclipse yesterday.

-But he’s Sunjae after all ㅠㅠ

-The name ‘Sunjae’ fits him like a glove. And the fact that Sunjae’s last name is Ryu… It just suits him so well.

(translating more comments soon)