Super Junior Heechul & TWICE Momo’s Past Relationship Recalled by K-pop Stans: ‘The reactions sucked’

K-pop fans were thrown into a frenzy on February 27, when aespa Karina and Lee Jae Wook’s relationship was confirmed. This sparked a branch of forums online, indirectly leading to a recollection of Heechul and Momo’s dating news.

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Here’s what happened.

Fans Recall Reactions To Super Junior Heechul & TWICE Momo’s Dating Reveal

On February 27, fans gathered in an online community, titled, What was the reaction when Momo and Heechul’s relationship got revealed?

Super Junior Heechul & TWICE Momo's Past Relationship Recalled by K-pop Stans: 'The reactions sucked'
(Photo : pannchoa)

OP posted a caption, asking if people were “okay” with the two’s relationship reveal in 2020.

Both of them are idols, but one of them is such a huge sunbae, were people okay with this?” OP stated. “Or were the reactions bad because of Kim Heechul’s image?

Netizens answered that while Heechul and Momo’s dating news didn’t affect everyone much initially, the news started receiving negative feedback in the long run due to the age gap.

Meanwhile, some netters were dismayed over the reveal and even wondered how the two K-pop stars even became a couple in the first place. Others claimed that everyone cheered when Heechul and Momo broke up in 2021. Read their comments below:

  • “The reaction freaking sucked.”
  • “What the? This is a relationship that I’ve totally forgotten about, now my mood is nasty.”
  • “There were a lot of reactions being impressed and a lot asking, ‘Momo why?'”
  • “The Kim Heechul fans were all pretending to be so cool about it.”
  • “This is the reason why we hate dating news, it’s been how long since they’ve broken up already?”
  • “Of course, the reactions sucked.”
  • “At first, we didn’t think much of it, but as time passed, we realized it absolutely sucked!”
  • “But their age gap was honestly insane.”

Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)
Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)

On the other hand, international K-pop fans expressed how random the relationship was. They also remembered how the rumor circulated before the reveal, and how much fans broke down on X (Twitter).

  • “Everyone hated it lmao. But SuJu fans were defending him saying he’s a gentleman even though he’s been kinda weird about anime and Japanese girls.”
  • “Insane that this actually happened.”
  • “That poor girl.”
  • “It felt so random like why?”
  • “The mental breakdown that happened on Twitter at that time. GG stans were losing it.”
  • “Even more because we all laughed at it at first because no proof whatsoever and JYP goes and confirms it.”

A fan recalled:

“The rumor went around twice. First time, both agencies denied and Heechul went on Knowing Bros and said, ‘I’m honestly not with her.’

But then five months later, the couple was exposed as part of the New Year tradition (Not by Dispatch but the same agency that tried the first time).

Both agencies had to admit it because it seemed that the news agency had something to prove they were dating.”

Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)
Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)

What are your thoughts on their discussion? What was your reaction to Heechul and Momo’s relationship reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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