SUPER JUNIOR Siwon Breaks Silence Amidst Coin Fraud Accusations: ‘I have zero connection…’

In a transparent move to address the swirling rumors surrounding his connection to the controversial ‘Youth Pay’ coin, Choi Si-won, a prominent Super Junior member and actor, took to his YouTube community on the 12th to set the record straight.

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In a detailed post, Si-won clarified that he had no involvement with the Korea Youth Committee’s cryptocurrency and firmly denied being appointed as a public relations ambassador.

Shedding light on his commendation at a Korea Youth Committee awards ceremony, Si-won explained that the recognition was unrelated to the current controversy, emphasizing his role as an exemplary figure rather than a participant in the contentious ‘Youth Pay.’

Choi Si-won Addresses ‘Youth Pay’ Coin Controversy in Candid YouTube Post 

The Winners sports platform, operating on blockchain technology, found itself embroiled in a burgeoning scandal involving a scam coin.

Super Junior Siwon

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This fraudulent scheme, gaining notoriety for promoting a cryptocurrency through celebrity endorsements and disappearing after gathering investor funds, named several high-profile YouTubers.

Super Junior Siwon
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Hi, this is Siwon Choi.

I wish to express explicitly that I have no involvement with regard to the controversy surrounding the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay. Furthermore, I have never been appointed as an ambassador for the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay. While I have received an award at a ceremony organized by the Korea Youth Committee, this was in recognition of setting a good example for the youth, as intended by the committee, and is unrelated to the current controversy.

I want to make it clear that I have had no involvement in the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay or any individual’s political activities.

Among those implicated were Ra Seon-wook, Kim Won-hoon, Cho Jin-se, and Oh King. Suspicion also lingered over Lee Cheon-soo’s potential involvement, casting a shadow on the credibility of the platform.

Prominent YouTubers Deny Involvement in Coin Fraud Amidst Winners Scandal

As the scandal unfolded, YouTubers at the center of the storm vehemently denied any participation in the alleged coin fraud. Kim Won-hoon and Cho Jin-se, known for their ‘Short Box’ YouTube channel, used their platform to convey a clear message.

Super Junior Siwon

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They emphasized that no business or financial discussions transpired with individuals related to the controversy surrounding company A. Similarly, Ra Seon-wook from ‘Star Guys’ clarified through the community that media reports contained inaccurate information and refuted any association with the coin fraud.

Oking Refutes Allegations but Apologizes: Announces Withdrawal from Winners Investment

Oking, a significant player in the YouTube space, initially refuted all allegations of involvement in the Winners scandal. However, in a subsequent turn of events, Oking issued a public apology.

Contrary to his earlier statements, he revealed a financial relationship with Winners beyond a mere appearance fee. Taking a decisive step, Oking announced plans to withdraw from the investment, signaling a significant shift in the ongoing controversy.

Youtuber Oking
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All projects and collaborations with Winners have been abruptly halted, bringing a new dimension to the unfolding narrative surrounding the alleged scam coin.