Superhero Lee Junho Soon! Actor To Headline New Netflix Drama ‘Cashero’

Lee Junho will soon meet the viewers as a superhero through the exciting K-drama “Cashero.”

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Following the reveal, the series also shared snippets of cast’s recent script reading, confirming that the production is in the works.

Lee Junho To Transform Into Superhero in Netflix’s ‘Cashero’

On April 18, it’s finally confirmed that Lee Junho to headline “Cashero,” a new Netflix series based on the famous Kakao webtoon of the same name.

King the Land Still
Lee Junho
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

“Cashero” follows the story of a regular government employee, Kang Sang Woong, who gains the superpower to become stronger the more cash he holds. He uses his newfound ability to save the world, even though it means using all the money in his bank account.

Lee Junho takes the role of Kang Sang Woong, an ordinary government employee who dreams of buying his own house. However, his ordinary life comes to an end when he inherits a superpower that is not cost-effective.

This marks Lee Junho’s return to Netflix following the success of his rom-com drama “King the Land,” where he starred with Girls’ Generation YoonA.

Kim Hye Jun
(Photo : Kim Hye Jun/Instagram)

Meanwhile, “A Shop for Killers” actress Kim Hye Joon is also confirmed to join the cast, and will play as Kim Min Sook, Kang Sang Woong’s longtime girlfriend. She is a practical woman who is good with numbers. She is also a supportive partner who is always there for Sang Woong.

Kim Byung Chul, Kim Hyang Gi Are Lee Junho’s Loyal Friends in ‘Cashero’

Veteran actor Kim Byung Chul, who appeared in popular series like “SKY Castle,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Goblin,” and “Doctor Cha,” will also be starring in the project.

'Doctor Cha' Stills
Kim Byung Chul
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)

He is expected to give life to The Lawyer role, an attorney with a charming ability that is activated when he drinks alcohol. He is the head of the Korean Superpower Association and is fighting against “The Association Criminals,” a mysterious organization.

Kim Hyang Gi
(Photo : Kim Hyang Gi Instagram)

Kim Hyang Gi will portray the role of Bang Eun Mi, a superhero with the ability to use telekinesis, but only when she has eaten a certain amount of calories. She is a supportive and fearless friend of Kang Sang Woong and The Lawyer.

“Cashero” will be helmed by Lee Chang Min, the mind behind the series “Welcome to Waikiki” and “The Agency.”

Meanwhile, collaborating with him are Lee Je In and Jeon Chan Ho, who penned JTBC’s “Sisyphus: The Myth.”

‘Cashero’s’ Table Reading


As a glimpse, Netflix dropped the cast members’ group photo during the drama’s script reading, receiving anticipation from the viewers.

It has been said that Lee Junho’s drama “Cashero” will be exclusively available on Netflix.

The release date of the series is yet to be announced.

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