Suzy and Park Bo Gum appearing in head-to-toe couple outfits received divided reactions

Suzy and Park Bo Gum appeared in head-to-toe couple outfits

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At the press conference for the movie ‘Wonderland’ held this morning, they appeared with similar looks, including jackets, jeans, shoe colors and watches

1. Suzy’s hair and outfit are so pretty

2. The two of them are dating? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. There was less chemistry than I thought

4. He’s handsome and she’s pretty, they get along well, so why do you say they don’t have chemistry? You haven’t even seen them act yet

5. Their chemistry is better than I thought

6. But they really have no chemistry. They’re pretty and handsome, so why don’t they get along?

7. Are there any actresses who have had good chemistry with Park Bo Gum? All I can think about is Irene, and she’s an idol

8. Are these two dating…? But it seems like Park Bo Gum’s body has become bigger

9. He’s handsome and she’s pretty, but there’s no chemistry

10. These two really don’t have any chemistry at all…

11. They are so pretty. I hope they will meet again in a drama

12. There is no chemistry at all, they are like siblings

13. I agree with this couple

14. These two really seem to be the cutest people in Korea

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