Suzy Explains ‘Doona!’ Ice Kiss Scene, “We Had Numerous Rehearsals And Tried To Convey The Emotions”

Singer-actress Suzy revealed a behind-the-scene story of the ice kiss scene in “Doona!”

On October 27th, Netflix Korea uploaded a video showing “Doona!” main characters Suzy and Yang Se-jong telling stories related to the props.

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suzy yang se jong

In the video, the two took out socks from the box. Suzy explained, “These say a lot about Doona. They’re what brought Doona and Won-joon close together”. The filming of the scene related to the socks was shown and there were many NGs because the two kept laughing. Yang Se-jong said, “It was very funny”. Suzy added, “I was pretty much crying. I do Pilates, so I wear toe socks often. But it’s so hard to put them on. Won-joon has to put these socks on her. The way he was struggling was hilarious”.

Later, the two found out ice props. Yang Se-jong said, “It’s their first kiss”. Suzy added, “Yes, it was very one-sided. I’m sorry”, drawing laughter.

Suzy then explained the scene. She said, “This is a scene where Doona starts having feelings for Won-joon. Won-joon went on a blind date. Before that, Doona used to tease him and root for him in his love life. But after knowing that he actually met a girl, it gets on her nerves and she gets jealous. So she expresses her feelings in her own bold way and then the ice falls. It’s pretty intense for a kissing scene”. The actress continued, “She wanted to check how Won-joon felt. She’s as inexperienced as Won-joon is when it comes to love. So she wanted to check in her own way”.

suzy yang se jong

Revealing a behind story about the ice kiss scene, Suzy said “The director wanted this scene to come out pretty but also tense. So we discussed our positioning a lot. The director tried some himself. We had numerous rehearsals to find a pretty angle and to convey their relationship. We put a lot of effort into this scene to make it look natural and to convey their emotions”.

Meanwhile, the webtoon-based drama “Doona!” tells the romance between college student Won-joon (Yang Se-jong) and retired idol singer Doona (Suzy) after meeting each other at a shared house.

Source: Nate