Suzy Exuded First Love Vibe Just By Wearing Jeans At Premiere Event Of All-star Movie “Wonderland”

The VIP premiere of the movie “Wonderland” was held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of May 31st.

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The highly anticipated “Wonderland,” with the cast consisting of Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Woo-sik, tells the story of people meeting loved ones again through “Wonderland,” a video call service that restores dead people with artificial intelligence.


Wonderland is a new film by director Kim Tae-yong, who drew favorable reviews from critics and audiences with hit movies “Late Autumn” and “Family Ties.” This movie is also Tang Wei’s third Korean movie after “Late Autumn” and “Decision To Leave.” Suzy and Park Bo-gum work together for the first time in this production. On top of that, Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-sik will show off his realistic colleague chemistry with their acting skills. Especially, actor Gong Yoo will make a special appearance in this film.


In “Wonderland,” Suzy plays the role of Jung-in, a girl who restores her boyfriend via the “Wonderland” service, and Park Bo-gum shows affectionate chemistry with her while acting as “Taeju,” her boyfriend who wakes up from an accident and is confused.