Suzy Praised by Song Hye Kyo? Actress Shares Her Encounter With ‘The Glory’ Star

Bae Suzy met Song Hye Kyo at an award ceremony and revealed the unexpected compliment she received from the legendary actress.

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Curious about what the actress said? Then read on!

Bae Suzy Flattered By Song Hye Kyo’s Praise

Suzy, who bagged the Best Actress Award at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards for her title role and her hit series “Anna,” sat for an interview and shared her experience of achieving another milestone in her career.

Bae Suzy Anna

(Photo : Bae Suzy Instagram)

The prestigious award ceremony was held on July 19 which some of the A-list stars also attended. Suzy won her title and received everyone’s recognition.

During the interview, she expressed her happiness at being evaluated as having renewed her legendary beauty on the day of the award ceremony.

In particular, Suzy shared that Hallyu superstar, Song Hye Kyo praised her beauty during a photo op, giving a sneak peek of the warm bond between the two stars.

Song Hye Kyo

(Photo : Sports Chosun)

“When senior Song Hye Kyo took a picture, she said to me, ‘You’re pretty.’ It was an honor to hear such words from my senior. But more than that, I felt like she was cheering me on. It felt like a congratulations for me. I think I was happier because of that.”

Suzy’s White Dress Garners Attention at Blue Dragon Series Awards

The “Dream High” actress was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. It attracted attention for its appearance reminiscent of the wedding dress she wore in “Anna.”

Bae Suzy

(Photo : Sports Chosun)
2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

As per the K-drama leading lady, she thought she made the right decision to wear that pure white dress. Even though it was a bit uncomfortable because there were beads on it, she still chose it since it was easy for her to carry it around.

What’s Next for Suzy

Meanwhile, following the success of her drama “Anna,” Suzy is preparing for her upcoming return to the small screen.

She is about to headline the campus-romance series “Doona!” which is an original work of Netflix. Suzy will work for the first time with Yang Se Jong on this project.

The series is tentatively for release in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Kim Woo Bin, Suzy

(Photo : AM Entertainment | Suzy Instagram)

Apart from this, viewers and fans are rejoicing as Suzy will have her much-awaited reunion with former on-screen partner Kim Woo Bin.

In June, it was confirmed that the duo will reunite for the second time following “Uncontrollably Fond.”

Expectations are high as the two legendary stars are about to meet again on screen after a long time and showcase a new kind of chemistry with their respective characters.

The duo will lead Kim Eun Sook’s series “All Your Wishes Will Come True,” the brilliant writer behind the megahit drama “The Glory.”

She will collaborate with Director Lee Byung Hun for this project. The K-drama is rumored to be released sometime in 2024.

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