Suzy Talks About Couple Chemistry With Park Bo-gum In “Wonderland”, “Even Tang Wei Wants To See Us Dating”

On June 4th, Suzy, a leading actress in the movie “Wonderland”, had an interview at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

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Kim Tae-yong’s new movie “Wonderland” depicts the story of people meeting their loved ones again via a video call service app called ‘Wonderland’ that restores dead people using AI technology. “Wonderland”, which will premiere on June 5th, drew attention for its splendid lineup with Kim Tae-yong’s wife Tang Wei, Park Bo-gum, Choi Woo-sik, Jung Yu-mi, Suzy and a special appearance of Gong Yoo.


In the movie, Suzy plays Park Bo-gum’s lover Jeong-in, who restores her unconscious boyfriend Tae-joo in Wonderland. Waking up miraculously in ‘Wonderland’, Tae-joo feels unfamiliar and confused about everything. Completing Netflix’s series “Doona!” last year, Suzy is returning to the big screen and greeting the audience after five years.

Meeting each other for the first time as MCs of the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018, Suzy and Park Bo-gum have formed a special relationship as they’ve been hosting together for sĩ times. Showing great synergy at awards ceremonies, the two worked together in their main job for the first time through “Wonderland”.


Suzy and Park Bo-gum used honorifics when working as MCs, but they speak informally in the movie. Suzy confessed, “During the filming, I heard the staff say we got along very well. Since we shot the scene in which the two characters, who are lovers, filmed a video of themselves in the past, we had to keep speaking informally and teasing each other to express the relationship. Gradually, we became close. Even when we were not filming, we danced and played around during break times. I just danced a lot and made various gestures”.

Suzy recently raised expectations from fans as she left a long post about the character Tae-joo on her personal SNS account. Thanks to this, interest in Suzy & Park Bogum couple and their chemistry also gained explosive reactions.


In this regard, Suzy said, “I wrote it because I wanted to immerse myself in the character and imagine their relationship based on the script to understand why Jeong-in applied for ‘Wonderland. I also showed it to the director. I asked for his opinion on the way I filled in the parts of the stories that weren’t in the script and he said he loved it”. She added, “The director asked me to try filming it and I did a scene in the form of an interview, but it was not shown in the movie. I worked with Bo-gum throughout the process. Thanks to those writings, I was able to immerse myself in the story and I felt so thankful for that. I also want to thank everyone who loves our chemistry.”

Suzy then smiled and shared, “Yesterday when Tang Wei had an interview here, she said, ‘I hope the two are really dating’”, adding “I read the articles about that and feel so grateful. That means we do look good together”.