Suzy’s fans share their thoughts on Kazuha’s stage on LE SSERAFIM’s fan meeting

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Kazuha has always been viral for her resemblance to Suzy ever since she debuted

Not only that, Kazuha herself even recreated a scene from ‘Lee Doona’, a drama starring Suzy, and posted it on Youtube Shorts

She covered Miss A’s ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ on LE SSERAFIM’s Fan Meeting yesterday…

In the end, K-netz couldn’t hold it in any longer and spilled…

Quoted Tweet: Does she really deserve all this hate just because she covered a Miss A’s song? It’s really absurd that she’s openly criticized in (LE SSERAFIM)’s official account for just covering a stage. It’s not like she mentioned Suzy anyway. 

-Who has been obsessed with Suzy since her own debut?ㅋㅋㅋ Someone who had no idea could’ve mistaken it’s her first time doing something related to Suzy…Do you think Suzy’s fans would feel good if she keeps bringing up Suzy in her career? Suzy’s fans have endured this not only once or twice. Why does she keep doing this, really?

-If she had just covered a song, things wouldn’t have gotten this far. She even imitated Suzy’s unique style and expressions as well, I was so shocked to see it. 

-Normally, if some is told that they resemble someone else, they’d say “No, I don’t~”. We’re just upset because she herself keep imitating Suzi, instead of her fans saying it. 

-Who doesn’t know that she has been using Suzy’s name for media play since she debuted? If it was another idol, fans would’ve been even more furious. It’s just that Suzy’s fans are kind. I think the fact that she even recreated a scene from Lee Doona on Tiktok and performed on stage with Suzy’s song already explains it all…? I’m just saying that we’re not upset just because she covered Suzy’s song. 

-‘Baby Suzy’, ‘Suzy’s daughter’, and now ‘Nakamura Suzy’? Which Suzy’s fans should endure seeing all of this? Are you testing our patience? It’s ridiculous how the person who farted is the one who’s angry.

-Her fans have been obsessed over Suzy for over 2 years. But instead of grasping the point, they’re blaming Suzy’s fans again. It hasn’t even been half a year since she recreated the scene in Lee Doonaㅋㅋㅋ And now, she’s imitating Suzy again. Which Suzy’s fan would appreciate this? Until how much longer Suzy’s fans have to endure all this?

-I saw one of her fans calling her ‘Nakamura Suzy’ earlier. Honestly, which Suzy’s fan would love to hear that? First of all, Suzy is a Korean name. I’m also sure her family named her with a lot of considerations. It’s f*cking weird for her fans to attach Suzy’s name to a Japanese surname. 

-I can totally understand why Suzy’s fans are really upset…

-Calling her ‘Nakamura Suzy’ is crossing the linesㅋㅋㅋ 

-Even seeing her get called ‘Baby Suzy’ or ‘Suzy’s daughter’ was very uncomfortable. It’s not like Suzy is at her mom’s age. The two of them don’t even a huge age gap. Don’t they know that this is actually very rude?

-Seems like her fans and her company really think that she looks like Suzy. I’m not a fan of Suzy or Kazuha, but please… Leave Suzy alone.

-I feel sorry for Suzy…

-HYBE needs to tone down their media play

-They look nothing alike

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋIt seems like she really loves being called as ‘Suzy’s Look-Alike’. Maybe she’s a fan of Suzy?

-Please leave Suzy alone… They don’t look alike…

-Why would you love being called as someone else’s look-alike? It means that you don’t have your own characteristic…