Sweet Home 2 Ending Explained: What Happened To Seo Yi-kyung? Is Lee Eun-hyuk Still Alive?

Sweet Home 2 Ending Explained: Directed by Lee Eung-bok and Park So-hyeon, the South Korean sequel, 스위트홈 시즌2 continues the story from the 2020 series Sweet Home, an adaptation of the webtoon by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. The Netflix series stars Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, Park Gyu-young, Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jung-se, Kim Mu-yeol, Jung Jin-young, Kim Shin-rok, Chae Won-bin, Park Won-seok, Kim Shi-ah, and others. It consists of 8 episodes, each with a runtime of 75-80 minutes.

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-Netflix Sweet Home 2 Ending Explained Contains Spoilers–

Sweet Home Season 2, the story unfolds with the military conducting experiments on special infectees under Dr. Lim’s belief that humanity is a virus and monsters are the cure. Sang-wook seises a truck with Hyun-su, prompting the military to pursue them. During the chase, Hyun-su discovers that the driver, Ui-myeong, had possessed Sang-wook, leading to a confrontation. Meanwhile, Yi-kyung follows in another stolen military vehicle. As tensions rise, Ui-myeong taunts Hyun-su, claiming responsibility for the deaths of Yu-ri and Sang-wook due to Hyun-su’s irritation.

Amidst the pursuit, an explosion occurs on the bridge, allowing Ui-myeong to escape despite the military’s attempts to apprehend them. However, they refrain from harming Hyun-su, as he is the last of the special infected. Yi-kyung overhears this revelation, realising the futility of the monsters at central command. Meanwhile, the remaining residents of Green Home approach the centre but encounter an obstacle—the bridge is obstructed by debris. Ordered to clear the path and cross, the soldiers display ruthless behaviour, killing a human with a nosebleed and violently handling dissenters. Chaos ensues as a monster appears, leading to the soldiers inadvertently harming several humans in their attempts to eliminate it.

As for the special infected, referred to as “neohumans”, Ui-myeong pauses at a mall to change attire and reveals his intention to aid Hyun-su, who faces torture and experimentation at Bamseom’s command centre. To persuade Hyun-su, Ui-myeong demonstrates restraint by sparing a woman from a monster attack. Their joint plan involves rescuing the neohumans held captive in the lab, eventually convincing Hyun-su to join their cause.

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Upon reaching the lab’s entrance, Ui-myeong begins experiencing Sang-wook’s memories of Yu-ri, leading to hallucinations and confusion. This distraction causes him to collide the car with soldiers, resulting in a crash. Amidst the chaos, Hyun-su empathises with a scared soldier, fulfilling the soldier’s request to end his suffering, albeit with tears in his eyes and goes with the rest of the soldiers.

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Sweet Home 2 Ending Explained

What Happened To Seo Yi-kyung?

As from the Sweet Home Season 1, Seo Yi-kyung, who’s pregnant, makes a deal with the military. She tells them about Cha Hyun-soo’s monster-resisting abilities in exchange for info about her fiancé. In this season when she reaches the lab, she meets Dr. Lim, the scientist studying monsters. Holding him at gunpoint, she asks for help because he knows her fiancé. But when she finds her fiancé, he’s barely alive; Ui-myeong took his soul. Yi-kyung feels pain, her belly grows, and she realises the baby’s kicking. She escapes when the military burns the lab. After giving birth, she learns her baby is a monster.

At first, she considers getting rid of the baby, but she can’t. She leaves the child with Cha Hyun-soo, thinking she can live without it. Later, she comes back for her. The baby isn’t acting like a monster, just growing fast. Their peace ends when attackers make Yi-kyung’s daughter turn into a monster too. Their relationship suffers as the daughter gains the power to turn people into monsters by touching them.

Seo Yi-kyung had been trying to control her daughter excessively, fearing she might harm humans, unaware that her daughter cherished a friendship with the very monsters others sought to destroy. Frustrated by her mother’s restrictions, Yi-kyung’s daughter, in a fit of rebellion, set her room ablaze. In a desperate attempt to rescue her, Yi-kyung risked her life, only to witness her home consumed by fire.

In a hase, Yi-kyung found herself rescued by Cha Hyun-soo and brought to Eun-yu, believed to be their last hope. But the exposure to the fire left Yi-kyung battling the effects of smoke inhalation, her time dwindling rapidly. Despite their efforts, it became clear that her life couldn’t be saved. Hyun-soo, learning of the dire situation, sought Yi-kyung’s daughter, aware that her mother’s final moments were near. Initially hesitant, the daughter finally agreed to come. In Yi-kyung’s presence, as she struggled for breath, her daughter whispered an apology before slipping away.

Moments later, her daughter left the room, reassuring Hyun-soo that her mother was fine. However, an unexpected transformation began within Yi-kyung—a metamorphosis triggered by her daughter’s actions. Half of her form started morphing into an ominous black entity, engaging in a tumultuous clash with Hyun-soo. During the struggle, Hyun-soo witnessed Yi-kyung’s past memories and visions, overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. In an anguished state, he made the heart-wrenching decision to end Yi-kyung’s life, recognising that she was transforming into a monstrous being beyond control.

Is Lee Eun-hyuk Still Alive?

Dr. Lim noticed Tak In-hwan, the leader, showing signs of the monster’s infection. They struck a deal: In exchange for his freedom, Dr. Lim agreed not to tell anyone about the infection. They went to the Green home complex where Dr. Lim saw monsters in the making. He decided to stay there, chatting with a centipede, as everything fell apart. Meanwhile, Sergeant Kim and his team saved a kid and found their missing friend, Yong Seok. They got suspicious of a place where sick people were kept. They demanded to see other survivors and met a strange man. Things got intense, shots were fired, and it turned out the kid was also a monster.

At the same time, Sang-Wook took Dr. Lim to a place where an experimental subject was kept. The subject woke up, acting oddly, and it left Eun-Yu feeling uneasy. Sang-Wook then revealed his true identity to Dr Lim, shocking him. As chaos reigned at the Green apartments, an embryo spat out someone unexpected and turns out that it was Lee Eun-hyuk stating that he was still alive but as a monster.

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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