Sweet Home 2″ to release today (Dec 1st) “Curiosity about season 1’s ending + possibility of post-credits scene for season 3

Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home 2” is ready to meet global viewers, raising expectations for another hit following season 1

“Sweet Home” achieved a remarkable feat in 2020, entering the top 10 in the viewership rankings in 54 countries.

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Returning after 3 years, “Sweet Home 2” boasts enhanced elements. The backdrop has expanded, and the cast has been strengthened with the addition of Yu Oh-seong, Kim Mu-yeol and Jinyoung, joining the original cast members Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Go Min-si and Lee Si-young.

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The second season, differentiated from the first, unfolds the struggle outside of Green Home rather than inside, promising to captivate viewers with an upgraded scale.

With “Sweet Home 2” and season 3 simultaneously in production, the second season, which is set to be released today, is anticipated to present a more robust narrative and unique worldview beyond the original webtoon.

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As the release date of “Sweet Home 2” approaches, viewers’ curiosity about the conclusion of the first season is heightened. The ending of “Sweet Home” 3 years ago left many unresolved points.

The release date for “Sweet Home 2” is December 1st (Friday), and the Netflix upload time is 5 PM. There is also considerable interest in whether a cookie video (post-credits scene) for the concurrently filmed “Sweet Home Season 3” will be revealed.

The anticipation is high regarding whether “Sweet Home 2” can capture the hearts of global viewers once again following season 1.

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